Monday, May 16, 2016

May 2, 2016

What the heck! Matthews wearing like all my clothes! Don’t wreck them; I’ll want those when I get home! Anyways what’s up guys! How’s the vaca? Oh and the vacation? Little Spanish humor there ha-ha hopefully you get it. Anyways tomorrow is my companions birthday. So far all my companions have turned 20 with me ha-ha weird, but yeah we are throwing a party for him at consejo de lideres so that should be fun. Okay so this week I saw my first baptism in the mission. The zone leaders had a baptism of this one lady that I helped teach like twice. It was cool! Super awesome! And I cancelled my first 3 baptisms ha-ha I was the witness and she had to be baptized like 4 times, I felt bad for her but like it has to be done right. Also this week one of our investigators named Piera legit flat out asked us "so what do I do if I’m like in love with a missionary and want to marry him and God has told me that he is the one?" and then proceeded to ask me "so have you had feelings for anyone in the mission yet?" Sooooo she wants to marry me ha-ha. I answered her really well though just saying like we are in the mission to teach and she should focus on the message and not the missionary. So we have to be careful that she doesn’t get baptized for me and she actually gets baptized for the right reason. Yeah that was interesting this week ha-ha. We had nerf battle today with our zone which was sooo fun. We’re probably going to do it next Monday also. Oh and I tracted into a girl from Philadelphia this week who doesn’t know Spanish either ha-ha it just made me wish I was in an English speaking mission because it would be so much easier. Hope everyone has a great week! Elder Walden

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