Monday, April 25, 2016

Getting Cold!!

Hola Familia! So the story about the picture that was texted you --we were coming out of an appointment with an investigator and we saw a family from the ward and they were with some Americans. They like yelled across the street "Missionaries!!!!" We were like “Is that English?” haha But yeah there was a girl with her Mom visiting Puerto Montt! She was a missionary here like a year ago and she was from Agoura, CA. I was like no way I’m from Simi Valley! It was awesome! Made me a little homesick but it was cool. I felt bad though because the Mom that I met knew as much Spanish as you Mom, and I kept accidentally talking to her in Spanish and her daughter would have to translate. Haha I was like I swear I know English!! Oh and by the way that other missionary in the photo is my new companion!! Elder Neilsen got transferred to Osorno and Elder Peñeñuri is finishing my training. I knew I would get a Latino companion hahah i just knew it! He’s from Mexico, but he speaks really good English because he was born in California and moved when he was 7. So his English is pretty good. But we speak a lot of Spanish so my Spanish is going to get so much better with him. But yeah as you can see in the picture, it has been really wet and really cold this week. That picture was taken right after it had dumped on us! It was funny because the Hermana we were teaching is a single lady so we couldn’t enter her house so we taught her in the doorway with the rain just pouring on us. She felt bad but we had a super good lesson. We still don’t have money for wood so you can literally see your breath in our house and all of our stuff is wet and can’t dry so there’s that……but I am loving it! We did a lot of finding this week and found a lot of great people to teach. It was also cool because Friday night it was 9:20 and Elder Peñeñuri wanted to go home but I was like no man a couple more houses. God will bless us. So literally the next house we knocked at I just do the typical "Hola somos misioneros y tenemos una mensaje sobre jesus cristo, poedmos pasar y enseñarle sobre nuestro mensaje?" which literally never works because it is so typical. But the guy was like "yeah sure" so we did and apparently his Uncle just died and he’s been sad and like wants to know why God takes away good people and why God is how he is. Perfect! So we taught the Plan of Salvation and everything. God literally gave us a miracle of just knocking that one last door. It also firmed my testimony on that it doesn’t really matter what we say as missionaries, if they are ready, they will accept us. We just need to be ready to be used in Gods hand, it was awesome! So far I am loving this transfer! Hope everyone has a great week! Love- Elder Walden Here are some pictures---the one is of us playing a game today. The other pictures are from yesterday-- we went to a member’s house for lunch and he had a sweet view of the city and you can see the volcano. So cool!

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