Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Busy Week

Ya well we don’t have much time again this week...sorry this week has been, agotador (exhausting), just use google translate ha-ha, I don’t know how to translate it. Well this has not been the best week in my entire mission ha-ha we’ve had some major problems in finding people in this sector. It’s tough because we always have super good planned out days and every single day this week, some missionary has problems, the office comes to our zone, Hermana needs urgent service, or an investigator has problems. Oh I love serving and I know that we just need to be open to what God throws at us, but it’s just tough because we see the need to find a lot of people but we’re just not given the time to do it. Then when we do have the time, no one opens the door. It’s been tough but we’ve been praying a lot and fasting a lot to overcome. We have fasted a lot this cambio, we’ve made it a thing in the zone. Actually with the whole zone we are fasting at least once a week for the mission work. I know major miracles should come from it! We’re trying to make Chiloe into a stake!! I’m actually getting like pretty skinny too ha-ha this week I’ve lost like 8 pounds- whoops. Do it for the work!! Anyways yesterday, they asked me to give a talk in church. So I got to share a message with the branch which was good. I like it because I used to be so nervous for talks but now it’s something easy. I like it a lot actually. I shared the story of Jesus walking on water and then Pedro (Peter) following him but falling, it was good. I put a little mission spin on it too, interesting ;) Ha-ha anyways, that’s my week in a nutshell; we go up to Osorno tomorrow again! Woo! Another 12 hours on a bus!! Wish me luck!

Have a Great Week!


Monday, May 22, 2017


Hi Everyone!
I am writing you from Chaiten.  We had to come here, 5 hours in a boat, to do a baptismal interview and house inspections, and I have some cool stories to tell you from here. But that will come later in the letter. First I will tell you about my week. So we just got here yesterday and we will be leaving tomorrow, so our journey to Chaiten will not be very long. We did have a stellar week though! We had zone conference as well, we had to do a part too so that was good. I got to talk a lot about finding and what not, good times, ha-ha and also this week we’ve had some good lessons and good progression with some of the investigators that we have. Like for example, we have one investigator named Elizabeth, and she is awesome! She has felt a strong desire to change her life and she has thought a lot about baptism lately, but she said she was missing something, she just wasn’t quite sure what. So the thing she was missing was going to church!!!! And we finally got her to church yesterday!!!!! Woooooo!!!!!! So that was a win! And she loved it!!! She really felt the spirit and it was awesome! We actually went over on Thursday too and had a really good lesson with her. It was super spiritual and we had a really fun time while we did it. She is great! So we are seeing some major progress with her. Anyways, the zone is doing really well as well, we actually are leading the mission in numbesr which is fantastic. I’m really happy about that! So sorry but I don’t have much time to talk, so I will make it short, and I have A TON of photos to send you guys, because we HIKED A FREAKING VOLCANO TODAY.  So that was pretty cool, I’ll send pics! Love you guys! Chao! 


Monday, May 8, 2017

Island Hopping!

Woo...sorry ha-ha it has been such a long week. Insanely long. So I ended up not having time to write last week because of all the traveling...in 2 days I traveled 22 hours...in the same suit...so I had to go from Porvenir to Punta Arenas (3 hours), fly from Punta to Puerto Mont (4 hours) take a bus from Puerto Mont to Chiloe (4 hours and a half) and then when I get there Elder Amaya, my new companion, tells me that we have a zone leader meeting on Friday and we had to go the very next day. So the next days we went up to Osorno (6 hours) and then back (6 more hours). It was insane...I have never traveled so much in my life....But hey I’m here now!

The Conseco de lideres was sick, so our mission president asked me to share some experiences of miracles I had in Porvenir to everyone so that was really good and spiritual. And I got to see some friends from the mission that I hadn’t seen in a long time. It was great! But hey I’m on my 3rd island in a row now ha-ha. President just loves sending me to secluded islands! But it’s cool because the island is pretty big so we’re a whole zone here on the island and now the zone leaders pretty much just go to every sector and work with the missionaries in their sectors and show them how to do stuff and everything so we will just be straight traveling here. It is going to be great! We still have a sector, but we spend a lot of time out of it. But so far the zone leader life has been pretty great. I love the zone already, we have some really cool people here. Today all the people from Castro all met up to play bang and basketball, it was a good time.

Hey dad, here in Castro there’s a Brazilian training another new Brazilian, it’s awesome! We eat lunch with them every day and they’re going to help me with Portuguese, it’s going to be sick ha-ha. But yeah I love it here so far, but it rains ALOT!!! They tell me that it rains more here than in any other place in the mission, and it has been true so far!

So a little about my companion---he’s from Colombia and he is legit. He’s known in the mission as one of the best missionaries and we are getting along so well. He’s such a fun kid who just works like a dog too, it’s awesome. It’s funny because I learned a lot of Colombian slang with Molina (my last companion) so I talk to him in full Colombian and he thinks it’s funny, Venga paca papito! Anyways, he’s such a smart guy, and knows a ton about the gospel! His dad was actually a mission president in Ecuador when he was like 12, so he knows what he’s doing. So now a little about the sector, we are teaching a lady named Pamela who they had just found like a little over a week ago, and she is awesome! She is trying to stop drinking and she has so much desire to change. Her kid Oscarito is awesome! He just loves us and wants to be a missionary just like us one day. He literally taught us the first vision perfectly, he is great and he is 10 years old. So they came to church for the first time on Sunday and LOVED it! And we actually got her with a date for baptism yesterday and she is so stoked! I’m pretty sure we will see some

major miracles in this sector and I’m super excited! I am not able to send any pictures this week but I will try next week. Hope you all have a great week! Looking forward to talking to my family on Mothers Day!!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017


  So because of cambios (exchanges) we're doing like a half Pday today and a half Pday tomorrow hahah so I will write you guys tomorrow. I want to tell you now that sadly I am being transferred. I'm going to miss Porvenir a ton, but I will be headed to the island of Chiloe as a Zone Leader! So that'll be a cool experience. I'll write you guys some more tomorrow...today will just be all packing, contacting, and goodbyes. I'll be sure to send pictures tomorrow! Chao!

**From Zack's Mom----Unfortunately he never did get to write us today so this is all we got for the week:( The island of Chiloe is 2800 miles away from Porvenir so I am sure he had a whole day of traveling today. Looking forward to hearing from him next week and hearing about his new area. Send him a quick email---I am sure he would love to hear from you----zachary.walden@myldsmail.net