Monday, May 16, 2016


So this week really nothing has happened, it has been so slow. The work has been super tough for some reason and I don’t know why! We had an investigator drop us this week and an appointment fell through so that kind of stunk...but I have learned a ton of Spanish this week and I chopped a ton of wood and we walked alot and did alot of contacting. I really have learned a lot. I have grown closer to the members in the ward. My Spanish is finally getting a lot better so I can actually like talk to the members and what not and they can actually get to meet my real personality. So that’s nice! We’ve been going to different members houses every day for the past while and it’s pretty nice because now we know the members better in the ward and it’s made me realize how great our ward is! I really think we have the best ward in the entire mission. They are awesome! So we are teaching this less active right now and she has twins and for some reason they have this giant spider and the one twin put it on me haha so that was weird. I’ll attach a picture. I was terrified! But at least it didn’t bite me. So this week we are going to really buckle down with our investigators and really hit the pavement hard and find some nuevos! This next week should be alot better! I hope! I hope all is well where you guys are!! Have a great week- Elder Walden

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