Monday, October 16, 2017

Great Week!

Hello Everyone!
This week was a good one! We had an awesome experience yesterday. We were contacting all day because we didn’t have any appointments, which is actually my favorite thing to do, I love going around and knocking on doors. This time though no one was answering us or when they did answer us they would just tell us how much they didn’t like the church and then close the door. Pretty tough day, but we kept at it….trying  creative ways to contact and what not. Then we went to go visit some futures(?)  that we had found in our (?) and we had a prompting to go down a street and then I saw a house that had our same street number so we decided to knock it. We did and we contacted her and she just seemed like a really happy lady and she invited us in! She continued to tell us how the missionaries always used to pass by when she was a child and her parents got baptized but she never did because she didn’t understand why it was important but how she loved going to church and wants to go again and how she even thinks that Joseph Smith is a prophet. It was awesome! We explained why baptism was important and she totally understands now and  wants to get baptized and go to church. She was super prepared! She is also great friends with a ton of people in our branch! It’s so awesome, we’re stoked to start working with her! And she’s got like 3 kids that are interested as well! Such a blessing!
Anyways it was a pretty stellar week, I’m so happy!  A lot of investigators have fallen and it’s taken quite a bit to help them back up but slowly and surely it’s been coming through, and in the process we have found a lot more who are really ready. I might not be here to see all the fruits of the efforts we’re doing, and see all the baptisms but I know that because of the work we are putting in now, these family’s will choose the follow the gospel. And I feel so honored just to be a part of this change they are making in their lives. A successful missionary is not a missionary that gets a ton of baptisms but one that helps others make changes in their lives in order to follow Jesus Christ. So I’m pretty happy right now to see those changes in our investigators. Anyways I hope you all have had a fantastic week!

Monday, October 9, 2017

That is ALOT of chopped wood!

Anyways this week was super crazy!!! We had zone conference this last week and usually we get a sheet that tells us what’s going to happen and who’s speaking when and what’s at what time for everything. Well this time we didn’t get ANY of that so we were majorly in the dark. So we started to prepare some stuff to talk about just in case we had to talk with the zone but as we were doing that, Sunday night, the APs call us to tell us that we’re going to talk about something else. So we throw away that idea and started to prepare the other stuff. Monday night...the night before the conference the APs are staying at our house and I tell them "Hey it’s weird that usually we have time to talk to the zone but this time we have like assigned stuff to talk about" and they say "Wait you guys will have an additional 30 minutes to talk about what you want with the zone too..." This was at like 11 at we stayed up until 2 the night before the conference to prepare everything. Then at the conference, the lunch gets there late so we are all waiting and then they get there and they realize that there are no plates in the church building...someone had like taken them out or something so while everyone is waiting we had to book it and go find like 24 plates and what not. We went past like every members house that we knew to borrow plates in the matter of was impressive and booked it back and served the food. Oh my goodness it was crazy...we were running around like people on fire. Stressful but it ended up being a great zone conference. Then the week was pretty calm after that...just normal stuff, like citas and what not. Teaching is going well.
 Today we went to this beach here on the island and it was sick. So beautiful! OH and we cut a bunch of wood for this lady yesterday and she said we were doing it bad so she came and taught us, it was super funny, I think I took a video. I’ll try to send it ha-ha.
Hope everyone has a great week! Love you All!

**Sorry the video would not load....too bad because it is great hearing Zack in the background speaking Spanish and laughing:)


Monday, October 2, 2017

Loved Conference!

Hello everyone-

I am totally fine now, not sick anymore but everyone is getting sick here so I wouldn’t be surprised if I get sick again pretty soon. We are between seasons so we have some days that are really cold and raining and then the next day there’s like sun but it’s still freezing and then it’s like hot and then it’s hot and raining and yeah, it messes you up ha-ha. The weather is super bipolar.

 Super funny this week, this one investigator of ours like found me on Instagram and was like "wow! What happened?! You used to be like tan and like skinny and now you’re like fat and pale, what the heck happened?" I was just like wow thanks haha I think it’s time to go on another mate diet or start fasting more;) ha-ha Yeah so anyway Conference was really good……I loved it! Conference was fire! Pure fire! I think they really stepped up their game or something this year because I was really impressed with the talks, the images, the choir and everything! Big shocker when Andersen announced Elder Hales everyone knew but the missionaries, so we were all like shocked when we heard about it. Looks like next conference we’ll be receiving a new apostle to the quorum. Absolutely loved every single talk ha-ha it’s hard to pick a favorite.  I got something out of every single one for every single investigator, so I’m pretty content.
Anyways it’s been a pretty normal week. We have zone conference tomorrow which has me all stressed out and everything because President usually tells us what’s going to happen a week early and this time he just threw it on us all last second. I just hope it turns out well, there are things though that have yet to be planned and we’re going to do it tomorrow, so it’ll be interesting ha-ha we will see! And we prepared stuff for the zone and everything but we got told yesterday that we aren’t going to have time to speak but we have to give messages on like these certain last second, so it’s been pretty stressful. It was cool though because like this last cambio I’ve just been running around stressed just trying to fix everything and it has been hard. But in a conference talk this weekend, from Uchtdorf I think it was? I don’t remember too well, don’t have my notes with me, but he said "sometimes people run so hard and so fast that they forget where they are going or why they are even running" And it was like a huge palo for me because I feel like that’s been me these past couple of weeks, just going so hard that I feel like I kind of lost the reason why I’m here and what I really should be doing. So this week I will be trying to find a good balance between my duties, citas, and just enjoying talking to people on the streets, and focusing on personal happiness, companionship happiness and others happiness. I mean if we aren’t happy how are we going to help others be happy? As missionaries we invite others to COME unto Christ, not GO unto Christ, it’s important to remember that we need to be with him in order to do that and he is not in stressful, angry environments, he is in the calm, happy ones. So that’s personally something that I will change after watching this week’s conference together with many other things...What some things you all got out of conference? What’s something that impacted you or made you want to share it with somebody else? I’m interested to hear people opinions!
Thank you to all those that wrote me this week! Sorry I did not have time to get back to all of you but your words and support are much appreciated! I love you all-


Monday, September 25, 2017

Rough Weeks

  ** Zack sounds like he has had a couple of rough weeks and I am sure he would love words of encouragement. Please drop him a quick email--I am sure it will brighten his day:) His email is You!!**
What’s up guys! So today was sad...there’s this thing in the mission called the carta Moroni and it’s legitimately the card you get from the mission so they can send you home. You have to fill out this thing about where you live, what plane you’ll go on and what airport and everything.  I got that today and had to fill it out, it was pretty sad. The mission is coming to an end too fast.

So this week was like a pretty interesting week! So the Pamela that we've been working with for like ever has just like lost feeling and doesn’t want to progress at all so we had to drop her. We had a weird lesson with her on Friday basically with her just telling us everything wrong that’s happened in her life and how it’s the churches fault and got like mad at us. It was pretty sad, her heart was like way hardened...I was like ready to leave and Elder Faught asks her randomly "Sorry I wasn’t here but how did this whole thing with the missionaries start?" So she told him everything and started crying saying all the good things that have come of this. It was such an inspired question. So we don’t know what’s going to happen with her. It has been a difficult week with our investigators.

But good things happened this week too. We found some new investigators and we found some old investigators from me and Amaya that we thought had moved but we found them and they are super stoked to hear the gospel again! And we’ve been passing by this family that already knows the church is true but never went to church so they couldn’t be baptized.  They struggled with going to church and they were losing the testimony they did have because of it so this week we went by and I made them the promise that if they read every day that week and prayed as a family everyday they would have the energy to get up in the morning and go to church. And they did it, and guess who came strolling into church early yesterday? THEM! It was awesome!!! They told me that their baby had started crying at 8 o’clock in the morning and it forced them to get up haha but it was awesome!!! They loved church!! And all the young women were like super good with her daughter and everything! It was awesome!!! It just made me so happy! And this week we’re going to do a family home evening with them and another family and we’re going to make pancakes with peanut butter and syrup! I’m so excited ha-ha. So like this week had some terrible moments but the good ones totally outweighed them!

Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all-


Well this week wasn’t the best week I’ve had in the mission. We were like super busy and I was super sick until like Wednesday. Literally last Tuesday we had to go home on a bus and I had no medicine or water and I was stuck there for 7 hours...and my fever spiked so I got like freaked out  ha-ha I was legitimately dying. I felt so terrible. That night I prayed that I would not die, that’s how bad I felt. It stunk because the next day I was doing pretty bad too and the storm was pretty bad as well so Hermana Isom told me to not go outside and to stay inside all day due to my illness, so we had to cancel a bunch of citasL And then everyone went out of town for the 18 of Sept, it is Chilean Independence day like all of our investigators left and no one came to church and then one in the morning woke up on time and we called her and told us she didn’t want to go...which hurt. So ya it wasn’t like the greatest week I’ve had in the mission ha-ha but hey today we went and made these things called "calzones rotos" in the church building with the other missionaries and also played some soccer and what not which was pretty fun. And now we’re at a members house because no ciber is open, and we are writing from their computers, and they’re doing like a BBQ and what not! So that’s super fun as well! So we’re just going to work our tails off this week and put in some major work! We’re ready to do it! Anyways I’ll try to send some pictures. Have a great week!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Last Two Weeks:)

jaja langostas...que cuicos noooo...rae cuicos. ando acà comiendo cazuela y andan con la langosta nooooo, que humillacion me dan.... Ay whatsup guys!!! Hey so first of all cambios are this Wednesday. And just so you guys know this entire time I’ve been in Chiloe I’ve been with the same companion Elder Amaya. But they called us last night and he’s going to leave. This will be his last cambio in the mission, but he’s staying in the zone to open up a new sector so I’ll get to see him before he goes home. And we’re about to have a ton of baptisms so it’s cool because he’ll be able to go! So we’re stoked, and I’ll get a new companion, which will be Elder Faught! In Punta Arenas we were in the same district so I know him pretty well. It’ll be awesome! And another cool thing is that Elder Clements is coming and he’ll be my district leader here! That’ll be interesting! Ha-ha I don’t know if you guys remember but he was my companion in the MTC.  So he’ll be my district leader and I’ll be his zone leader haha it’ll be awesome! I’m stoked. So yeah cambios were pretty exciting. So anyways, La Antonia was baptized this week! WOOOOOOOOO!!! After over 9 months of going to church she was finally baptized!!!! It was awesome! And her dad came!!! And loved it! Then he came on Sunday as well!!!! It was so awesome!! And he was super interested! Looks like he’ll be an investigator pretty soon ;)  I’ll send pictures later of the baptism, I can’t now because we’re in a different cyber and it’s got viruses so I don’t trust it...but yeah it’s been a pretty good week! Oh and Elder Braggs! It was a great conference and it’s cool because he chooses 2 people to interview every conference and he chose me as one of them. So I went in and he was like "Well I saw you were from Simi Valley so I wanted to tell you that I know Brother Sheranian and we’re super good friends!" Then we started talking about the mission and what not and I told him some spiritual experiences I’ve had and what not...then we ended and I asked him "Hey do you know an Eric Golberg? And a Jo Cosby?" And he went on and on talking about them ha-ha it was awesome. Then I told him that my parents are really good friends with them and asked if he knew them and he was like "OH!!! Adam and Pam!!! OF course!!! You’re their kid?!?!?! What a small world!!!! How awesome!!!!" So he totally remembered you it was awesome, so he told me he would take a picture and send it to you guys. He’s a really awesome guy, he gave a really good conference also...then at the end he asked me to share my spiritual experience with everyone, it was great. It was a good time, I learned a lot. So yeah I’ll be staying here so I'm stoked, because right now me and Amaya have formed a plan so that Chiloe can become a stake, different ways a doing than what they’re doing now, and I think it’ll work so I’m excited to be in the "primicias" of that. Did you know that Chiloe is the oldest district in all of Chile? That needs to change ha-ha. Anyways have a great week!!

Email from Elder BraggJ
Adam and Pam
Just a few hours ago I was able to give a big hug to Elder Walden down in Puerto Montt!  What a fantastic leader he is and what a blessing he is to President Isom.  He is happy, healthy and working very hard.   He is such a popular missionary because of his positive and kind nature.   I asked that he be one of the interviews that I have with a few missionaries as part of each conference.   He shared a great story that I had him share later in the conference.

We reminisced about Simi Valley and our mutual friends - in particular Jo and E Golberg and the entire Sheranian family!   I remember being with you in one of the greatest days ever in the LA Temple!

What a treat it was today to be with your sweet son.   These are the 5 Star days!

Thank you for preparing such a great young man to serve the Lord way down here!

Un abrazo!

Ya Po!! I have a new companion! He’s super cool! His name is Elder Faught, super great kid! And he’s like wicked smart, especially with like scriptures and what not, so we make a pretty good team. And Dad, his Dad went to USC, thought you would like to hear that ha-ha-- Another Trojans fan!! Anyways, it’s been sweet with Elder Clements in the zone too. We eat lunch with them every day so it’s super chill.
 So anyways there’s been like a major cold front in Chiloe, or in Castro at least and man it’s been so cold that I got totally sick...chuta...and tomorrow we have leaders meeting so we had to take a 7 hour bus ride that was miserable. I just slept the whole time and now my body is like super sore and I feel horrible. But hey we’re spending the night in a place called La Union, and then tomorrow we’ll go to the conference. And here we’re actually staying with my kid! Elder Shumway!!!! I haven’t seen him since I trained him. It is sick being with him again! (No pun intended). But yeah, and we’re more up north and it’s like hot here!!!! I’m so jealous of the missionaries here!!! We’re there suffering in Castro and they’re on summer vacation here! Its funny ha-ha.

Anyways this week has been pretty cool, we’ve seen some cool miracles, like despite the sickness and the cold we’ve been working our tails off and we’ve seen the benefits! We’ve been seeing some good progression in our investigators which is good. Oh something cool!!! So Pamela, our investigator, like really wants to get baptized but has a hard time with some commandments and going to church...but she likes loves Elder Amaya because he’s the one that like found her. She told us a while ago that she made a covenant with God that she would get baptized by Elder Amaya. But she was going off the end of the mission...but she didn’t understand the whole cambio thing too like we knew he would leave before then and she probably wouldn’t reach her goal. But Elder Amaya was to Quellon! Only like an hour away! And still in the zone! So if she gets baptized he can still come and baptize her! And we realized how much of a miracle that was, like literally God is giving her another 6 weeks to make her goal. Like it firmed my testimony in that God inspires President with the Cambios...and that God always keeps his side of the covenant and is very merciful with his children. So that was awesome! Anyways it was a pretty good week...hope you all had a great week as well!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Crazy Storm!

Hey what’s up guys! I’m writing you this week from Puerto Mont because we have the conference with Elder Braggs tomorrow .Looking forward to it, it should be great!
So this week has been awesome. The storm was pretty awesome, we just put ourselves in our rain pants and rain jacket and just went to work. We got worked on pretty hard. One part of the island got so wrecked that it got cut off from Chiloe and made its own island! It was cool. They called it a catastrophe, but we were fine just a little wet. The whole time walking in the streets that day, getting pelted by rain coming in at rapid pace we just always looked at each other and said, “Only in the south of Chile”. Ha-ha it’s a good time!

So anyway this week we learned from an investigator how to make Milcao, it’s like a southern Chile thing. They’re super good. It’s a lot of work to make but hey at some point I’ll teach you guys. We ended up making like 70 so afterwards we went and gifted them to a bunch of people. So anyways also the girl from my story last week, our investigator, is going to be baptized this week because her parents couldn’t go last week so we ended up moving it to this week. We’re still super excited! Yesterday we had to go to get the signature from her parents, it was awkward but we ended up talking a lot with them about the church. It was chill, now we get along super well with them. I was sick all week which stunk, I didn’t sleep for 3 days because I had major sinusitis and couldn’t breathe at all. It was terrible, but now I’m a lot better, just a little cough, but it was tough with the weather and everything this week, but its chill.

We’ve had some good lessons this week! We’ve been teaching that family of 7 and man it’s crazy. We’ve decided that we can’t teach them like regular lessons, with video and scriptures and folletos and what not, but we have to teach them like a primary class. So this week we started to print out little games and stuff and then relate them to the gospel and it’s been a lot more effective, and now they love when we come over and they’re all super excited to get baptized! So yeah it’s been a pretty good week, nothing to complain about. Baptisms this week and many more to come, I’m dreading the cambios though because I might be out of here and I don’t want to go, I want to be here for the baptisms of my investigators! But we will see, I hope I stay though. Anyways have a great week!!
Photos from this week:
1. Elder Amaya’s birthday at the mamitas
2,3,4. Baptism this week but the font drained itself right we had to fill it up in like 10 minutes, so as they started, we went and had the great idea to use the fire hose ha-ha and we were throwing buckets and everything...then we had it all good and then it started automatically draining itself so we had to do their baptism like super-fast, it was funny ha-ha
5. We had McDonalds today with the gringos from the zone!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Amazing Week!

Aug 21, 2017

Haha so weird that Matts married now! I told like everyone this week that he was getting married and everyone was like super happy and excited for him! I’m glad people liked my toast, I want to apologize because I had no idea what to say. I totally winged it and that was my first try and it was super hard to speak English! I am so sorry if I sounded like a retard.
 Hey it’s awesome because I’ve seen some miracles here this week also, woo it was SUCH an amazing week. Anyways I’ll save the biggest miracle for last. So first of all its been raining literally all week and tomorrow there’s going to be one of the biggest storms in the history of Chiloé. They’re expecting winds up to 160kmph! It will be crazy! We will have to be in touch with the President because if it is actually that fast we won’t be able to work because every house is made out of tin here so like roofs tend to fly off and kill people, it’s happened before. So that’ll be interesting. Also we taught some pretty powerful lessons this week about temple work and what not...we made a powerpoint for it and everything and literally the 2 investigators we showed it to cried about what we were telling them. It was awesome….. but they still didn’t go to church on Sunday. So we gotta keep trying!! But we still had 8 investigators in church so we were pretty happy about that! The Lord is blessing our efforts!
Anyways BIG Miracle we saw this week...first of all we have an investigator named Antonia and she’s 14 and has been going to church for like 8 months and she’s shared her testimony in sacrament meeting and everything but she’s been weird about the whole baptism thing. So last week we got real serious and asked her what it was that she needed in order to take that step and we found out that it was her parents that didn’t like the church and told her she couldn’t be baptized. We had never really talked to them before, met them a couple times, but never really talked to them because they like avoided us. Well we had one of those "capilla abierta" this week, it’s like an open house but with the church building and the whole branch is there and what not and we do tours. So anyways we were there and this was the first one we had ever done in Chiloé...and we were like in charge of was a lot of work. At one point this couple walked in, so before the tour starts I started talking to them and they were super cool. We made like pretty good friends and then the tour started so I left to go help in other parts and then Antonia found me and told me that I had been talking to her parents. I didn’t even realize it was them! So I was like frick! Let’s go! We’re going to do the tour with them!! So we went and joined them in the tour. Well during the tour we got to the young women’s room...and in that room randomly all the young women just started bearing their testimony about Antonia and how much she has progressed and how big of a testimony that she had, and Antonia went and hugged her dad crying and told them "I just want to be baptized so bad! I know this is true and all I want to do is get baptized!!" The spirit was so strong, I was legit crying, and I never do that! And her parents just said "We will talk about that at home!" Well after the tour I went and was talking to the dad and I got to explain to him what we’ve been teaching and a little bit about what exactly we do as missionaries, then they left. Antonia stayed to help clean up and everything and she told me that she was super scared because she had never like born testimony to her parents and had never begged them like that and she was scared what their reaction would be. Well the next day in church...after Sunday School she asks us "Hey could we do a baptismal interview?" We were like wo wo wo hey what did your parents say?!?! They GAVE HER PERMISSION TO BE BAPTIZED!!!! Wooooo!!!! And she wants to do it as soon as possible!!!!!!! We have the interview today and she gets baptized this week!!!! Literally the capilla abierta opened her parent’s heart up to the gospel and gave them the chance to know a little more and feel what she had been feeling for 8 months!!! She so stoked, we’re so stoked, and it’s was a major miracle. You don’t understand how happy we are that she’s going to get baptized this week!!! So yeah that was a major miracle we saw, thanks to the spirit and the young women in our ward. I know it was an awesome experience for them too because they got to bear such testimony to non- members and experience the mission work. It was awesome, and without their help, she might not be getting baptized. The power of a testimony is real, and can change people’s hearts. Thanks for all your love! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!