Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Arrived in Mexico!

Hola! My first email guys! I am in the mexico ccm! Mexico is so ghetto and sketchy haha but the ccm is super secure and super compared to the town around it, its like a mini celestial kingdom haha. So Taysom, or Sister garside was actually the seat right across the aisle from me which was great so we got to catch up and I had a friendly face to talk to the entire plane ride! The sunrise on the plane to salt lake was so pretty btw, such a blessing. I made some friends with some elderes already and it turns out one of them is my comp and im rooming with the other 2 also! its great! so I am having a good time so far, I am doing well, but we will see how the rest of the week goes! Love you guys! -Elder Walden