Monday, May 23, 2016

Ice Cream? YES!

Sorry I am writing late and this will be a short letter because I do not have much time. Sorry…..Anyways it’s been tough this week, but I have also seen little blessings from God. We found 4 new investigators this week!! Just out of nowhere!! It was awesome! One of them was super cool-- we had an exchange and I was with Elder Brower, my zone leader, who is like my best friend out here. He is awesome! He goes home in a few weeks though, but we were walking to go to Bosquemar to do some tracting for a bit and we see this young family so we decided to go talk to them and the guy started speaking really bad English and we were like, ‘Hey! You speak English?!” And he was telling us how he wants to work in North America because it’s such a better life. So we were talking to him and stuff and so on and him and his wife were going to Unimarc which was like a 20 minute walk and they said “Hey if you want to come with us to Unimarc we would love to talk and then after you can come to our house and we can all eat ice cream ha-ha so we were like “yeah that sounds great!” So later when we were at their house we were like sharing what our message is and they were super interested. They were asking like so how can my family be together forever because that’s something I really want to do. We didn’t have a lot of time to teach them because we had a family home evening with another family but we have an appointment with them on Saturday and I’m super excited! They seem really cool. Oh it’s super funny too. There’s been a bunch of riots in our city and stuff this last week and the other Elders got caught in a confrontation. They got rocks thrown at them and sprayed with water by the police! They came into the district meeting and were like dude you will never guess what just happened hahaha it was so funny. Well I have got to go! Have a great week---Love you all! Elder Zack Walden

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