Monday, May 16, 2016

May 9, 2016

So I know I just talked to you yesterday and you pretty much know everything already but I have another story for you! And sorry if my typing stinks, I’ve pretty much just been chopping wood all day so my hands are like super shaky ha-ha. Anyways! last night we were doing some tracting, knocking door after door after door, it was tiresome and nothing was working, so I decided “you know what man, let’s do something a little different, right when they answer the door let’s say hola somos misioneros y soy de estados unidos y èl es de Mexico, y estamos aquì de nuestros propios piases para hablar con usted y compartir una mensaje¨ You know so I get them like interested, because usually when people find out we aren’t from Chile they think its super cool ha-ha so we tried this, and it didn’t work. So then I decided, you know what man? Why haven’t we been using the spirit?? Let’s only knock on doors that we feel the Spirit tell us to knock on so we are not wasting our time. So we turn down this one road and I just look at this house and just knew I needed to knock it. So we did and this lady comes out so we say the whole thing about our countries and what not and she walks down and in perfect English says "so you’re from the United States and have a message for me?" I was like uh yeah? And she turned to my companion and said "I want to hear the message from you! But in English...(little did she know he speaks perfect English ha-ha) so he shares why we are here and our proposito and all that in English with her and she is shocked he knew English so well ha-ha. It was hilarious and she started asking how he knew English and stuff and she apparently knows English because she teaches it in school here in Chile. So I told her that if she ever needs help in class and what not we can come help her because we both speak both languages and she loved the idea! Then we started talking about the gospel and she apparently knows the missionaries super well and she’s been to church and everything but was never baptized and she said it’s been forever since we have been over to her house. She was never baptized though because her family wants nothing to do with religion and she said it would hurt the family if she joined a religion but she said she would love for us to come over and teach them sometime. So we exchanged numbers and we are going to go over this week!!!! That’s what happens when you actually listen to the spirit while trying to find people. It really pays off! It was great skyping with you! Love you all! Elder Zack Walden

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