Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Working Machines

Hello Everybody! This week was AWESOME! We met a guy from Thailand this week, he was dope, he didn’t speak very good Spanish but hey we understood each other.  So many appointments fell through week which stunk.,..BUT we had some AWESOME lessons this week!!! First of all Hugo is going to Santiago this week and told us he made a commitment with God that he will stop smoking by the end of the year, so that he can make the actual covenant with him! Gosh every time I’m over there my testimony just grows stronger, he is just someone that gets it.  He still needs to apply everything in his life but like honestly he just understands everything which is awesome. I’m excited to see the differences that get made in his life.
 Yesterday I had to play marriage counselor. That was fun. We came in to this house and while we were there they got into a giant fight and I sat them down and just started talking to them and sharing about the gospel and Gods love and what not and we ended up all fine. Turns out they’re going to read the Book of Mormon and we’re going over for dinner next time. So it worked out well for us hahaha. It was funny because when Chileans yell they talk even faster than the usual fast spoken Spanish that they do. So Elder Shumway was so lost haha. He looks at me "Are they fighting? I’m so confused..." it was funny ha-ha. OHHH and we had a new investigator the first week and we FINALLY found her again yesterday!!!!!!! She said she lives in Punta Arenas but now she’s going to stay here for a while. We had such a bomb lesson with her! It sounds weird but I love when investigators cry, the spirit can just be felt so strong and she’s so excited to learn more from us and she really wants to "find a new life, one rooted in Jesus" which is great because that’s literally what we help people do as missionaries. So I’m stoked about that! And um I don’t know I just love the work.  I’ll be so mad if I get transferred this next cambio haha I really want to stay here with my companion, Elder Shumway, killing it in the Calbuco. He’s doing legit too, he’s actually super good at Spanish already, like way better than I was at his point in the mission. Every house we enter they’re like "wait you’ve been here for only a month?!? You speak really well!" and I’m like yeah I taught him everything he knows ;) ha-ha Nah. He’s great!
OH good news! We had interviews with prezzy last week and we will officially be the first sector in the mission who gets bikes!!! Because our sector is huge and we have a ton on our plates, the President is helping us out with bikes! It’ll be awesome, I’m stoked, and I hope they come soon! The mission is buying them which will be great because we will get them brand spanking new! Anyways love you guys! 


Elder Zack Walden

Monday, December 5, 2016

Seafood :/

Hello Everybody!

I finally got my birthday packages!!! Thanks! I LOVE all the pictures and everything! I actually just took all the pictures off the banners and just have the pictures hanging up. Sorry, I wanted them like that. But hey it’s awesome because we needed more kindling for the fire so those little papers were a bomb gift too ;) Saved our butts a couple of nights haha! Thank you to everyone!!

Anyways this week was legit, not much has happened but it was still a pretty good week. Hugo and Isaac are still working towards baptism so we’re doing good with them. They’re super good friends now ha-ha and actually one of the nights he like bore his testimony to us and what not and was calling it "our church" and he was asking how he can help out in the church and everything. It is awesome-- ha-ha-- he just needs to quit smoking. Never start smoking!!!! It’s a trap!!! -Star Wars quote.

So we’re still working with tons of other people and we are still finding people every day here. We honestly do not have time to do it all, it’s awesome! Sundays are tough here still; the President didn’t show up yesterday because he had a meeting so we were in charge of everything. It’s tough...but hey we are moving forward...we will all work hard to work ourselves out of this hole. With prayer, action and fasting it’ll happen ;)

Anyways one day this week we went to Hugo’s house and he had a ton of seafood!!! Dad’s worst nightmare!! And he made us try all of it…...ha-ha not the best food I’ve ever eaten, I’ll tell you that. He took out these red things and told us "This is piubre del mar! Try it! Just put it all in your mouth." So we tried it, all of it, me and Elder Shumway and I almost threw up ha-ha but muscled through it. It tasted like a balloon with fat in it.  We also had these things called hiezo, and it was like a gross rock that you cracked open with a spoon and all this black stuff leaked out of it and you pick out the yellow stuff and eat it, yeah nah, I got to remember that when somebody offers me that, to say that I already ate ha-ha. Anyways Elder Shumway got some sick pics so I’ll forward them to you. Hope you guys are doing good! Love you all! Chao chao!