Monday, March 28, 2016

No Charger--No Pictures:(

Hey what’s up everyone! To answer your questions, my ward is fantastic. I really like my Bishop, he’s a good guy, and we went on divisions this last week so I went with our ward mission leader Luis and taught a lesson with him which was fun. He knew a little English too so it was good. Anyways, no I have not gotten a new charger for my camera (he left it at the MTC—so no pictures) yet so I still can’t take pictures...I was supposed to get one today and last Pday but we ran out of time last p day and today is my companions birthday so we’re kind of doing what like he wants to do...I need a haircut too but like he has a plan so we probably won’t get around to it...oh well...maybe next week...I’ll try to get a charger. And yeah there’s pulgas (fleas?) but it’s just a part of Chile ha-ha I’m like already used to flea bites...everyone just kind of deals with them. Anyways, we had a good Easter yesterday; we both bought a bunch of sweets and ate them and what not and got stuff from people in the ward. It was good! It was weird without a candy poster though ha-ha missed it a lot!! This week has been real slow; it’s been a tough week. We found 2 new investigators though through tracting which is great! They’re a really cool mom and son. I can’t wait to teach them more!!! Also 2 other investigators of ours asked us if we could give a blessing to their daughter last night so we did which is really cool that they would like ask us to do that. We are also going to their house tonight for an asado with them to establish some buen ohnda (?) and for Nielsen’s birthday! Konya, the wife really wants to get baptized but doesn’t exactly want to marry her boyfriend and the boyfriend is still not really sure about the church but he really likes us and has been like a lot more open and what not recently which is great. So hopefully this month we will be able to baptize them. Hmmmm what else has happened this week, oh we have started chopping our wood ha-ha you chop so much wood in this mission, I’m going to get jacked --it’ll be great, good thing I like that type of stuff! Uhm I’ve eaten so much pan lately, I’ve been working out extra hard in the mornings because if I don’t I will gain a load of weight here. Anyways, I really need to get a new charger I want to start like taking pictures and what not because here it’s either beautiful or like super ghetto and I want you all to experience it. Anyways I hope everyone is doing well! Have a Great Week- Elder Zack Walden

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