Monday, March 14, 2016

Dogs Everywhere!!

Hello Friends and Family- Well I am here in Chile and loving it! I am serving in the outer area of the city and it is pretty ghetto. People literally live in shacks, but esta bienJ It is pretty poor down here and there are SO many dogs….they are everywhere! We’ve had to fight off a couple because randomly they will just come up and try to attack you. My companion taught me that if one challenges you, you just pretend to pick up a rock and pretend to throw it and the dogs will run away but he said if that doesn’t work just actually chuck the rock or kick it away. Haha But the good thing is that at least here in Chile they give you free rabie shots if you do get bit. So it’s all good. I’ll probably get bit at some point so be waiting for that letterJ Oh and I also got attacked by fleas! Super itchy on my legs but that’s mission life so I will get used to it. Like I said it is pretty poor and sketchy here but it is fine. The Spanish here is soooo different, I can’t understand a thing! The first lesson with an investigator I was like uhhh what? So whatever I share in the lessons are completely based off the Spirit helping me, hahah but it works! It is so hard though. I don’t even know if they are saying words or just like mumbling. At least my companion is super good at Spanish. My companion is really awesome. I like him a lot. We’ve gotten along super well and I’ve gotten along super well with our zone leader also. We slept at their house last night and they are really cool. And the one guy has a ukulele so that was fun to play around with. To answer some of your questions----I am sleeping fine. The food has been super good so far. We eat lots and lots of pancito (it’s bread), I am going to get real fat real fast. Hahaha It’s pretty yummy. I feel bad though because the Chilean’s give us tons of bread and juice and what not and they are literally living in a shack so it is like all they have. It’s toug! Yeah so the Chile life is pretty rad so far! I can’t understand a thing which is hard and it is super poor here but I am loving it! I did my first baptismal invitation yesterday and the lady accepted but her husband did not…..but yeah we should be having some baptisms coming up real soon. I’m excited! Thank you to everyone who wrote me---it made my day! I didn’t have a lot of time to respond to many of them but please keep emailing me—I love getting mailJ Love you all- Elder Zack Walden ***Pictures attached are of him with his Mission President and wife and the other one has his new companion in it also.

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