Thursday, March 3, 2016

Last P-Day in Mexico!

Yay! Last P-day in Mexico! It’s crazy! But it’s been a good one. We played some Latinos in volleyball today and made super good friends with them, I’m starting to love the Latinos here. They are great! Such nice kids. They’re all sad we’re leaving though. But I can’t wait to get to Chile! It’ll be such an experience. Leaving here on March 8th and it will be a long day of traveling. Should be fun! 6 other people will be flying with me and for some reason they made me the “flight leader”—so I have to make sure that everyone is safe and that they get on the plane at the right time and stuff. I don’t even know how to get myself on a plane, let alone 6 others ha-ha so that should be interesting. So yeah there’s my life next week It’s going to be sad leaving the MTC. I’ve made so many super close friends here but I’ll see them in the future:) So yeah I’ve been playing so much cage soccer this week that I now have holes in the toes of my tennis shoes, so I’ll have to buy some new ones out in the field...oh well! Hopefully they have my size. So I’ve got a ton of pictures for you guys this week. Have fun with them, just got one sent to me from President Calls wife of me shaking Elder Oaks hand. So I’ll try to send that. So miracle of the week- They were thinking Hermana G. had appendicitis and were planning on sending her back to the states to get surgery. There were so many prayers said for her. But they did a bunch of tests and she just has some weird Mexican stomach bacteria. But the Mexico hospital knew how to treat it and she’s back at the MTC now on track to leave on Monday with all of us. I really do think that is such a blessing from God! He really does answer prayers. Such a fast recovery is not just something natural...prayers really do work. So I’ve been kind of stressing this week about the language because I still feel like I’m not like where I should be with it. I actually feel like I’ve gotten worse so I’ve been freaking a bit. But last night we taught a TRC and we taught this one lady who had such a strong testimony and told us all that our Spanish is good and that all we need to do is keep working at it and God would help us, which is exactly what I needed to hear. It was great! Hmmmm lets see...what else happened this week-- Oh I’m in a wheel chair now btw...uhm long story...and I might not get a P- day this next week because I’ll be missing Tuesday in the field so you might not hear from me next week. Just warning ya! Love all of you! Hope everyone is well! Elder Zack Walden **Note from Zack’s Mom---He was just kidding about being in a wheelchair and being injured. It was a friends who hurt her ankle but he thought he would scare us by saying it was him who was injured. Still trying to joke with us—even from so far away. Oh that boy! Sure do love him

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