Monday, March 21, 2016

Preaching to the Bus

Sorry I don’t have like much time today, but some cool stuff happened this week! So Tuesday of last week we were on a bus that was paaaaccckkkeeedddd and Elder Neilsen was like "man want to do some contacting?" I was like” yeah man I’m always down!” He was like "alright preach to this entire bus!" I was like uhhhh yeah sure I’ll do it ha-ha even though my Spanish is terrible, so I got up and in my broken Spanish I introduced myself and testified of our Savior and then went and passed out some pass along cards to like 30 people, it was so scary but it was good. I felt so good after it and he was proud of me. I’ve been trying to focus this week on contacting and just using the Spanish more with random people, sometimes they can’t understand me and I can’t understand them but like it’s the only way to get my Spanish better and it’s been going pretty decently. We had our first intercambios this week and I went with Elder Ackerman. He’s a good guy from Sacramento California, fellow golden bro from the golden state ha-ha and he’s a drummer so we get along pretty well. Anyways, he only has like 3 months left on the mission but he’s such a good missionary-- sometimes I can’t even understand his Spanish because he talks so fast! But we had a lesson with a girl named Pamela, it was her first time with the missionaries so I invited her to baptism and she accepted which was super cool! Totally thought she wouldn’t, I guess I need to have more faith or something , so yeah that was cool! This week I also had my first pichange, completo, and Mormon coffee! And they were all absolutely delicious! By the way a pichange is fries with a bunch of different meats, pickles, cheese, tomatoes and onions and what not, yeah Dads dream food, I’ll have to make him one sometime ha-ha. Yeah so I’m starting to get like fat on how much pan we are eating , I’m going to gain so much weight out here! Well I have got to go but I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Thank you to everyone who has written me:) Love- Elder Walden

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