Monday, April 4, 2016

Fire AND Water

This week has been super interesting!! Last Monday we went to the Obispo’s house for cake and what not because it was my companion’s birthday. It was funny, they tried to give him those trick candles that don’t blow out, which was hilarious but then Nielsen thought they would go out if he licked his fingers and put them out so he did that and then put them on their table. 2 minutes later they lit up and they caught their table cloth thing on fire! He like almost freaking burnt their house down! It was so funny and scary at the same time. Anyways, Elder Nielsen also caught word this week that one of his converts in the city over from us was dying of cancer...and he was not doing so well so we got permission to go and visit we went to go visit him and got there only about 15 minutes after he had passed...that was super sad. I felt so bad for Niels and the family, but it’s good that he accepted this gospel in his life beforehand. Also Elder Nielsen has had bronchitis all week so this week has been a major study week which has been good. I have grown a newfound love for the scriptures, I like can’t get enough of them now. It’s awesome! Um I got a new charger this week for my camera! But I haven’t really taken any pictures but I will try to do that this week for you guys. Also this week somehow the fridge got unplugged so we went into it yesterday and water like flowed out of it ha-ha there was so much freaking water so that was super hectic. General Conference was absolutely amazing!!! We got to watch it all in English except Sunday afternoon session, but the whole time the Wi-Fi at the church building was super spotty so it was freeze and skip and what not, but I’ll just wait for them to come out in the Ensign to read them all. But the ones I did see were so good, got some great notes on them and some great personal inspiration. I had a lot more to tell you guys but I can’t really think of it right now ha-ha I’m always so rushed every week. Sorry! Thank you to all that have written me- I love hearing from you. Hope you all have a great week! Love- Elder Zack Walden

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