Thursday, February 25, 2016

Another Update from Zack

Hello Family and Friends-
So this week was my first week as a trio! I love my companions! They’re great! I’ll tell you a little bit about them! So Elder P. is from Washington and actually went to BYUI with me this last semester --we didn’t know each other but yeah its cool. He’s a really good kid, he kind of reminds me of Quinn, which is a good thing, and he’s going to Baltimore. The other ones name is Elder S.! We sing a lot together ha-ha he’s way into music. Which is awesome! He’s from the Marshall Islands and speaks some Marshallese, so random, just like Branden! But he’s not fluent in it because he was adopted when he was really young by a family in Idaho. So he grew up in Idaho, but he’s still pretty close to his real parents. He also goes to BYUI, so I’ll definitely see them after the mission. He is going to Atlanta on his mission. Yeah- so we’ve had a lot of TRC time this week which is when you teach people from Mexico City who barely know English. It’s great! I love it! I actually do pretty well with it! I’ve been getting super good at understanding Spanish and decent at speaking it too! It is getting faster and faster every week though! We’ve actually started to make friends with some of the workers here --it’s great! It feels good now but I know once I get to Chile, I won’t know anything ha-ha so oh well, that will be a good time! Anyways, so everything changed for me in the MTC this last week. I am in a completely different district and zone, different teachers, different schedule; we even had to move into a different room in our casa! So that was a big change for me and was kind of tough but I’ve been praying to stay motivated! And this was Gods way of answering my prayer. It’s a blessing though because I think I learn more now and I get to meet new people this way which is awesome! So yeah I miss my old district and teachers and what not...but missing and leaving people is just part of a mission! And I love my new district anyways, they’re all super funny people and it’s a joy to be around all of them! I’ve made some solid friendships already in it, people I will definitely keep in touch with! So Hermana G. (my friend from BYUI) has been super sick all week and it was frustrating because the doctors kept just giving her random medicine and wouldn’t tell her what it was and it did nothing, she just kept feeling worse and worse... so she went back to the doctors and told them something serious was wrong. Yesterday she told me she was going to the hospital outside of the walls to find out what was wrong....we saw one of the doctors on campus today and he told us that they think its appendicitis, however you spell it! So hopefully everything goes well and she is able to return to classes soon. I gave her a blessing before she left and I know it will help her so I have faith everything will turn out how it is supposed to. So that was a sad part of the week. anyways, funny part of the week, my old roommate Elder T., was in TRC with like an actual investigator and wanted to ask him about his friends, and for some reason he said "sailor sus amigos" or something like that, which means "do you lick your friends?" yeah so that was hilarious ha-ha. On Sunday was my first Sunday in my new ward, and me and my district sang a song in front of everyone --that was interesting! It went pretty well –I’m getting better at singing because we do it so much here, especially in this new district. It’s so great! Anyways... not really much else happened this week! We’ve had a couple of solamente español days which are fun...not. But it’s good though, it gets me prepared for speaking it in the field ha-ha. Anyways, keep writing me please, I love all of you! Elder Walden He leaves for Chile on March 8th:))))

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