Tuesday, May 2, 2017


  So because of cambios (exchanges) we're doing like a half Pday today and a half Pday tomorrow hahah so I will write you guys tomorrow. I want to tell you now that sadly I am being transferred. I'm going to miss Porvenir a ton, but I will be headed to the island of Chiloe as a Zone Leader! So that'll be a cool experience. I'll write you guys some more tomorrow...today will just be all packing, contacting, and goodbyes. I'll be sure to send pictures tomorrow! Chao!

**From Zack's Mom----Unfortunately he never did get to write us today so this is all we got for the week:( The island of Chiloe is 2800 miles away from Porvenir so I am sure he had a whole day of traveling today. Looking forward to hearing from him next week and hearing about his new area. Send him a quick email---I am sure he would love to hear from you----zachary.walden@myldsmail.net

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