Monday, April 24, 2017


Well I got some good news for the week! Martina and Heriberto were baptized and confirmed! Woo! It was awesome! I got to baptize and confirm Heriberto and my companion baptized and confirmed Martina. It was awesome because there hasn’t been a baptism here for like 4 years so like the whole town came. We had like 40 people there, which is more people than come to church.  All the less actives came too because it’s a rare sight to see 2 baptisms here. I will attach pictures. By the way, funny story--the font here in Porvenir is tiny, so I totally bonked Heriberto’s head on the font but I knew he wasn’t under all the way when he did so I just forced him under a little more ha-ha! Everyone made fun of me for it afterwards-- everyone always makes fun of me here for everything ha-ha! Anyways, it was an awesome baptism, Heriberto was super nervous but afterwards he was all good. But we should also be baptizing again on the 6th. We put one of our investigators with a date this week, and he’s awesome, his name is Gino. He was actually a reference from one of the members and he’s so stoked! We have such powerful lessons with him and he actually asked us, "Is that the only date you have? Or can I get baptized sooner if I want?" ha-ha he’s so great! So we will be looking forward to that, I hope I don’t get transferred before that.

 So anyways, Elder Shumway called me yesterday with some good news; they baptized a family that we found together! The mother and the son! So we’re stoked about that. We seriously found them so randomly, it was so guided by the spirit! We went into the area and we were walking just to like explore to see where this road led to and I had the prompting to knock a house, and they came out and now they’re baptized! So I’m stoked about that! Elder Shumway also had some bad news for me too...Well do you remember our investigator named José and Juana from Calbuco? We always went over to their house and we always ate there and they were super awesome, I always sent photos home with them, so I know you know who they are. Anyways, they had a daughter that had a really strange sickness but had lived with it for 24 years, well Saturday morning she passed away in the hospital; he was telling me that they’re pretty distraught about it. But I actually got it where the missionaries live behind their house now so it’s good because the missionaries have been a major support for them. I really think we showed up at the perfect time in their life. Jose has been saying that God gave her to him for 24 years, what else could he ask for? So he’s dealing with it really well. I wanted to update all of you on that so that you can keep them in your prayers.

Anyways I hope all of you had a good week!

Love you All!


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