Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Busy Week

Ya well we don’t have much time again this week...sorry this week has been, agotador (exhausting), just use google translate ha-ha, I don’t know how to translate it. Well this has not been the best week in my entire mission ha-ha we’ve had some major problems in finding people in this sector. It’s tough because we always have super good planned out days and every single day this week, some missionary has problems, the office comes to our zone, Hermana needs urgent service, or an investigator has problems. Oh I love serving and I know that we just need to be open to what God throws at us, but it’s just tough because we see the need to find a lot of people but we’re just not given the time to do it. Then when we do have the time, no one opens the door. It’s been tough but we’ve been praying a lot and fasting a lot to overcome. We have fasted a lot this cambio, we’ve made it a thing in the zone. Actually with the whole zone we are fasting at least once a week for the mission work. I know major miracles should come from it! We’re trying to make Chiloe into a stake!! I’m actually getting like pretty skinny too ha-ha this week I’ve lost like 8 pounds- whoops. Do it for the work!! Anyways yesterday, they asked me to give a talk in church. So I got to share a message with the branch which was good. I like it because I used to be so nervous for talks but now it’s something easy. I like it a lot actually. I shared the story of Jesus walking on water and then Pedro (Peter) following him but falling, it was good. I put a little mission spin on it too, interesting ;) Ha-ha anyways, that’s my week in a nutshell; we go up to Osorno tomorrow again! Woo! Another 12 hours on a bus!! Wish me luck!

Have a Great Week!


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