Monday, May 22, 2017


Hi Everyone!
I am writing you from Chaiten.  We had to come here, 5 hours in a boat, to do a baptismal interview and house inspections, and I have some cool stories to tell you from here. But that will come later in the letter. First I will tell you about my week. So we just got here yesterday and we will be leaving tomorrow, so our journey to Chaiten will not be very long. We did have a stellar week though! We had zone conference as well, we had to do a part too so that was good. I got to talk a lot about finding and what not, good times, ha-ha and also this week we’ve had some good lessons and good progression with some of the investigators that we have. Like for example, we have one investigator named Elizabeth, and she is awesome! She has felt a strong desire to change her life and she has thought a lot about baptism lately, but she said she was missing something, she just wasn’t quite sure what. So the thing she was missing was going to church!!!! And we finally got her to church yesterday!!!!! Woooooo!!!!!! So that was a win! And she loved it!!! She really felt the spirit and it was awesome! We actually went over on Thursday too and had a really good lesson with her. It was super spiritual and we had a really fun time while we did it. She is great! So we are seeing some major progress with her. Anyways, the zone is doing really well as well, we actually are leading the mission in numbesr which is fantastic. I’m really happy about that! So sorry but I don’t have much time to talk, so I will make it short, and I have A TON of photos to send you guys, because we HIKED A FREAKING VOLCANO TODAY.  So that was pretty cool, I’ll send pics! Love you guys! Chao! 


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