Monday, June 5, 2017

"Your house is on FIRE!!"

Well this year is passing by super-fast. It’s already June ha-ha-- what? Well I’ve got some great news for all of you, We’ve been working with a family, a mom named Pamela and her kids, Oscarito, Emilio, Nico and Nico’s girlfriend.  They are such a great family. So it’s been a work in progress but they all had baptismal dates for this Saturday but they’re all not ready except their 8 year old son Iscariot and he really wants to be baptized this Saturday. The mom is super excited about it too so he will be getting baptized this Saturday and the rest of the family will be baptized on a later date! So we are stoked here! It’s been 2 years since the elders have baptized in this sector and we are seeing miracles!!! And we are so happy! Oscarito is awesome, the other day he told us "I don’t know what I want to I want to be a professional soccer player, but I also want to be a Mormon missionary....hmmm I think I’ll choose missionary because its cooler" ha-ha! And whenever we come in he runs and gives us giant hugs.  I feel so loved in that house!


 Anyways, we got permission from the Hermana Isomer (the mission president’s wife) to go to the gym in the morning if it’s possible and if we get up early to go. So there just happens to be a super nice gym right by the house! So we went today and bought a month membership for like 20 bucks, I’m so excited! It’s been almost 2 years since I have lifted weights! Its good because I think we will both feel better through the day too and be more energized in the mission work. WooHoo!


Well the word got out in the mission, so I guess I will tell you guys last Sunday, like 8 days ago, we got a call in church saying "YOUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!!" So we ran out of the church and sprinted all the way to the house to find a ton of firefighters there...long story short, our combustion, the fire thing in our house is a really good one and gets like super-hot, so we had a towel hanging there drying, like all missionaries do, and it seems like it must have fallen and it caught on fire and burned a gnarly hole in our roof. There’s really nothing we could do to prevent it, just a freak accident, we've been keeping it on the down low but someone put it in the mission announcements, so now everyone knows. So this last week has been pretty hectic with dealing with that, moving 2 of our companionships in the zone and having 3 intercambios this week and balancing a sector with 5 people preparing for baptism. We’ve been pretty dang busy. So right now we are not living in that does not have electricity and there is a giant hole in the roof and wall....lucky no one was hurt though and the only thing that was lost was the towel! So there’s some major blessings right? So yeah now you guys know...but hey in the house we are in now, we don’t have any way to heat ourselves and the shower only has cold water so it’s been pretty cold lately in the middle of winter here in Chile haha but we’ve toughened it out. Our other house should be remodeled in at least a month so we will tough it out until then! Ha-ha ah you gotta love them mission experiences:) Have a great week!


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