Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

This week has gone by super-fast and I really don’t even remember much of what happened. Ha-ha! But hey we’re going to be baptizing 2 people this Saturday so we are stoked! Ediberto and a 10 year old girl named Martina. I will be baptizing Ediberto and my companion will be baptizing Martina! We’re super stoked!! Porvenir hasn’t had a baptism for like 3 or 4 years, so the President put missionaries here at literally the perfect time, it’s like he’s inspired or something? Weird. (I know he is inspiredJ) Anways, this week was good, we’ve come up with some new ways how to contact people because in Porvenir it is super hard to find people to teach, it’s such a change from Calbuco! So what we’ve been doing is we set up the TV in the church building and we open it up and we literally just stand outside and invite everyone we see to come watch a video and talk about Christ for like 5 minutes. And you know what, it’s been working out a lot, and if it works in Porvenir it should work in other areas too! But it’s cool because we’re not awkwardly asking to enter somebodies house on there time, no we are inviting people to enter the church building! So I thought it was a good idea, and it’s been working great. So if you know any other missionaries who are having trouble finding people, there’s a suggestion ;)

Anyways Easter was great! We actually did not get too much chocolate, ha-ha Our branch didn’t do a big celebration or anything...but we did have 40 people in church on Sunday which was awesome! Usually we have around 17 to 20 people, so we like doubled it which was awesome! Oh  and I have a funny awkward story that would only happen to the branch President asked us beforehand if we could stand by the doors during the sacrament so no one came in or out. So right before the sacrament my companion walked out, so I went to go out too to go ask him which door he would stand at, so I was going out the door, and it like hit my foot while I was opening it and it bounced off my foot and totally nailed me in the face! I looked back and literally everyone was actually hurt too!  I have a bruise on the side of my face from it! So after sacrament everyone was coming up to me laughing and asking me how I was ha-ha. At least I could make them laughJ

There were quite a bit of foreign people on our island this week because there were some road rallies, and people from all over the world come to this rally car racing event. It’s like a world famous one that happens all over the Tierra del fuego, and it starts in Porvenir. It was cool, all week we were seeing weird rally car things everywhere, doing like street races ha-ha it was awesome. Everyone would freak out when they heard I was from California because it’s like home of Nascar racing, so they would all get super excited and start talking to me about Nascar, and they would realize pretty fast that I knew nothing about Nascar ha-ha. Anyways, pretty chill week, hope you’re all good where you’re at!\



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