Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Lessons Learned

       This week was amazing and full of miracles! This last week our Mission President called basically every single companionship to tell them that he had felt strongly that he had to make the promise to every sector that with faith they could see a baptism before the 15th of May and another one before June. Super random but he was listening to Elder Rasbands talk about going with the first impressions from the spirit and felt super strongly that he needed to call everyone telling them that. So of course Elder Molina and I were thinking a lot about that all week. We only had one guy with a baptismal date and he has some major problems to work out before that date...so we’re really trying to think who we could focus on to be those baptisms. So Friday I decided that my fast on Sunday would be for that, so we could be capable of fulfilling the promise that the President made us. My Friday studies were all about following the spirits first impressions, and I got a strong prompting from the spirit telling me, "Call Rosa and Heriberto right now.” They are a couple that have been struggling and he never shows up to our appointments but I followed the prompting and called them. She answered and was actually crying and telling me how she was just done and she really was going to divorce and move back to Chiloe and leave him here.  I calmed her down and told her that it’ll be alright and that we would talk at church on Sunday. Then I went and I called Heriberto and he answered (already a miracle) and we actually set a cita for that night in the church building (which we have done 4 times before and didn’t show up) but that night he showed up! And we had a great lesson with him and he actually told us how he hasn’t been drinking lately and he really wants to change how he is. So we got a big impression to invite him to baptism, so he accepted and called his wife and she was so happy and super proud of him. On Sunday they came to church! And he was super happy to be there and said that he will go from now on every Sunday. He will be getting baptized on the 22nd of this month.
       Saturday night during the fast, we had the impression to go to a less actives house that has a daughter that’s 11 who’s not baptized. We went and invited them to church, but she couldn’t go because she’s always working. But the daughter for some reason really wanted to go so the mom agreed to bring her to church and then go to work afterwards. Well, we never can go visit them because she’s single, so we can’t enter and she’s also never home because she’s always working. Well Sunday after church we just had another impression to call her at night to see if we can go over with a sister, and she actually said sure! For the first time in 10 weeks ha-ha. So we got a sister super-fast and went and talked about baptism and she remembered her baptism and everything. It made her super happy, and we had the impression again to invite the daughter to baptism, and the daughter was so happy and the mom was too and we actually put her with the date of April 22 also. She said she would do everything possible to help her daughter get prepared to get baptized that day. Literally God answered our prayers and the promise from the President super-fast, now we have 2 with a baptismal date, that are solid, for the 22nd, and I’m stoked! I love covenants, because God always comes through. 
      That’s actually not all the miracles we saw, just wait. So Elder Molina told me that he was fasting to find a family, that are ready that will be baptized. So there’s this family who have listened to the missionaries before that live right in front of our house and we have never been able to find them or anything. Well Saturday after 10 weeks we finally found them. And they were cool, super nice and have heard the lessons like a thousand times. So we talked with them and that night at our house Elder Molina tells me that that’s the family, he just knew it was them. Well this morning, he tells me "Hey dude I had a weird experience last night." he continued to tell me that he dreamt about that family, and in the middle of the dream he woke up and Heard a voice clear as day tell him "Their daughter will get sick, the missionaries will give her a blessing, she will be healed, and they will believe" so he got up and wrote it all down immediately. We have an appointment with them tonight, so we will see what happens. It is interesting because literally yesterday in the Gordon B Hinckley manual it said that revelation comes at night a lot of the time. So that was interesting, I will keep you all posted on what happens! Also we’ve been giving a lot of blessings lately. The papitos daughter got sick, and was super sick the other day and we went over to give her a blessing and literally like 3 hours later she was all better, up and walking around and totally fine! Blessings work, Priesthood power is real, and God always answers our prayers and fasting. Lessons learned this week. 
Hope everyone has a great week! Look for those miracles that happen every day! Love you all-


P.S.- The pictures are from us in Porvenir. That’s actually the back yard to our Little house. We live on the property of the elders quorum president so we were doing some service for him and Elder Felipe and Oliver came from Punta Arenas to do some divisions and did it with us, fun times ha-ha. Elder Oliver is super cool, we’re actually really good friends.

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