Monday, March 6, 2017

No Coincidences

Yeah March is here! This means even colder weather! Woo hoo! Ha-ha:) Right now we are in Punta Arenas again, just for like 2 days to buy some groceries because they have like nothing in Porvenir. But it’s been fun being with the missionaries here! We don’t get to see many people in Porvenir ha-ha.
 Anyways this week was interesting. I don’t have a ton of time so I am just going to sum it up fast and send some photos. We are still working with the guy that came from Chiloe. We have had to put his baptism on hold for now but we are still meeting with him. BUT we found this family this week, la familia Paz and goodness they are awesome! We actually found them through the daughter. Like I said we’ve made good friends with all the kids here in Porvenir, and one of the kids told us that her Dad was Mormon but her mom’s not and she isn’t, so of course we got her address and went and talked to her parents. They are golden! He is great he just hasn’t been attending church for a while. Because of some laws and stuff here in Chile the couple is not married yet. But they are planning on getting married soon so then they can get baptized and be together forever!! IT’S AWESOME!!! It’s weird how we found them and at this time in their life? It’s like God planned it or something? ;) I’m so convinced that there is no such thing as coincidence in the mission work ha-ha. They are a great family! I look forward to teaching them.
Anyways we also started doing English classes here in Porvenir, and an investigator and his daughter showed up! It was great! We actually had a pretty big turn out! I’m excited to see how many come next week. OH also! In church yesterday we were sitting in sacrament and this random guy walks in and sits down. So of course after the meeting we went and talked to him and he was like, "Oh I used to live here a while ago, and I was taking lessons from the missionaries. Then I moved to Argentina, and lost contact with them, but I lost my job there so now I’m back here in Porvenir so I just decided to come...Could you pass by my house sometime this week? I’d love to get to know you guys!" Like THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. EVER!! It was an investigator miracle! Ha-ha I love stuff like that! Anyways I hope you all had and have a great week!
Love you All-

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