Monday, February 27, 2017

Windy and Cold!

Hey Everybody, another week has just flown by! Goodness gracious, every Monday just comes so’s so weird. Anyways this week was a good one. We’re making some great progress here in the Porvenir area, except it’s getting harder and harder to work because of the weather and everything. My companion has been kind of slowing down a bit, so I’m hoping this week he has some more energy! But it has been hard, it’s so windy here ha-ha like unreal. I thought Simi got windy, no I was wrong. Here it is legitimately hard to walk sometimes, you bring your leg up to walk and it gets blown the other way! Ha-ha it’s quite interesting.

Anyways this week felt like we didn’t do much but looking back at it we had a ton of success! Okay so our main investigator is Marisol, she’s the one that wants to get baptized and goes to church and everything but just needs to get married. This week we had such a spiritual lesson with her and the branch president. And we basically gave her 2 options--One was to either get married or  two break up with him.  We gave her those 2 options and we left it up to her and God. So we came back the next day and she said that she’s going to do everything possible to get married, so we’re super excited about that! We’re hoping to go to the municipalidad this week with her to go get a date to do it.

 Also this week it was really funny—we’ve made like good friends with the little kids here. Whenever we see them outside playing we always talk with them and play and stuff. So one day I brought a bunch of quarters with me to give to them as like a gift. So we found them playing in the street and I gave them all a quarter. Then one of their dads came out of the house and they all started running to him. He points at us and was like, "Hey you guys! Come here!" By the way this guy is huge...could break me in half.  He tells the kids, "Hey go play over there! GO! I’m going to talk to your friends..." So we thought he was mad at us because he was huge and seemed mad. So we go over to him and he was wearing a Doors t shirt. So out of fear I was like, "Hey I love the doors! Such a good band!" and he just looked at us. And he said, "Missionaries’ right?" We were like um yes...and he said "I’ve been looking for you guys forever!! I love you guys! I made good friends with some missionaries like 5 years ago and went to church and everything but then I moved and I haven’t been able to find you guys since. I really want to know more about what you guys do!" We were was awesome! Now we are teaching him and he’s super receptive.

 ALSO a guy moved here from Chiloé and his wife is a member and he’s been taking missionary lessons for over a year now and wants to get baptized but can’t because he was in prison and still has some legal problems...but we called the President telling him the whole situation and everything and said that if he doesn’t have any sentence he can get baptized. So we had a lesson with him and told him that and he got so excited and the wife was so happy too because she wants to get sealed to him so bad. Yeah it’s awesome!  Just a lot of miracles happening here in Porvenir, literally miracles! Anyways I hope your week was fantastic! Chao!

Elder Zack Walden

Some pictures:
Statue called King Penguin
All the trees look like this because of the crazy wind:)

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