Monday, March 13, 2017

Cold Wind and Rain from Antartica!

What's up? So I will start by answering the questions because if I don’t do that I will completely forget to answer them! So the branch is good, and I lied; only like 25 go to church, there might be 40 members but I have not met all of them! But it’s still a small branch and yesterday was the first Sunday since being here that I have not had to give a talk. Cool story, so I had to give an improvised talk like 2 weeks ago and on accident talked for like 20 minutes ha-ha my bad...felt like 5, but it was 20. Anyways it was a good talk! I liked it ha-ha. And yeah we have a Mamita here! Her and her husband are getting divorced though so he hasn’t been home a lot so we usually just go and pick up lunch and eat it in our house. We’re helping them a lot right now. We always go by and have lessons and stuff because they’re less active. Cool story, the Papito is Hermana Silvia (the Hermana from Calbuco that always sent you photos) cousin! And he grew up in Calbuco with her. So he’s been going there a lot to live with them so I’ve been able to send them notes and what not! And yeah my companion is Elder Molina! He’s got like 6 months in the mission, we get along super well. Actually, he’s one of the funniest companions I’ve had ha-ha! We’re always laughing at something, seriously this kid is addicted to laughing. We will literally be doing a contact and he’ll just start laughing out of nowhere ha-ha we’ve got a ton of inside jokes. We’re really good together, people don’t believe us when we say that we’ve only been companions for 5 weeks! So I’m happy, I’m hoping this next cambio we stay together here in Porvenir!

Anyways the wind has been CRAZY here,like’s insane! And it rains a lot too here so that plus rain...woo. And it’s insane because you can feel the difference when the rain comes from the north and when it comes from the know what’s south? the winds that come from the south are unreal, so cold.

 Any ways I’ll get on with the week, it’s been a pretty good week; we’ve had some good lessons and everything. Oh remember that guy that randomly came to church last week? So we went and passed by his house this week and we actually realized that it was a guy we had contact our first day here in Porvenir and that we had invited him to come to church and he came that next Sunday but we were in Punta Arenas so we couldn’t make it that Sunday. So like he legit just took our invitation and went! Now he’s been 3 times and has loved it! And we haven’t been able to teach him yet because he’s like never home. It’s so weird, he’s like the opposite of any investigator I’ve ever had! Can’t have us over but he goes to church every Sunday haha but hey I’ll take it! We’ll just need to get in soon and teach him! Also this week I made no bake cookies again, I made about 110 and we brought them around to all the investigators and then to a conference thing we had in the church to all the members. They really liked them! Now all of them have Mom’s recipe ha-ha. Also this week Pricilla invited us over to meet her husband, she’s been taking lessons from us but her husband is always working. She was scared for us to meet him because he usually doesn’t like missionaries. She said that he hated the other missionaries and would never listen to them or anything. So yesterday we went and met him for the first time. And he said that he really likes us and that he wants us to come by more and stuff. We actually made him laugh really hard at one point, it was awesome. And then he started asking about the church and everything and we actually got to teach like the entire first lesson and he really liked what we had to say! We’re going by later today to teach him a little more, I’m excited!

 Also yesterday we went to Marisol’s to go and invite her to church and her mom was there and randomly told us "Hey I’ve been to your church before! I went like 3 weeks ago in Punta arenas!" We were like “Oh that’s awesome! Did you like it?” She said "I actually loved it, I would love to go again!" So Marisol said she would take her!. I don't know how we get so lucky sometimes, like God does major miracles with his missionaries! Sometimes I feel like we don’t need to do anything, we just need to be outside and God will just give us people. I know it doesn’t work like that but sometimes it happens like that ha-ha I love it! Cool thing that happened, we went and visited a less active and his nonmember wife and he was showing us his collection of foreign money. He had a ton of foreign bills, a whole book of them, so I asked him "Hey do you have a Mexican bill??" and he told me that he had not been able to find one but he really wanted one. I had 2 in my wallet at that time. So I offered him one, and he decided to trade me for it, but I wanted to give him it for free but he insisted in giving me some extras he had. So he gave me a bill from China and an Egyptian bill! So now I’ve got those 2 bills sitting in my wallet ha-ha so I thought that was pretty cool! But yeah, I can’t really think of anything else to say, pretty successful week!

By the way my Christmas package got here ha-ha finally! But it’s in Puerto Mont...Like 500 miles away! So I’ve got to wait another month for it to get here...just my luck right?? Hey cool stuff, so I got word that a girl that I and Elder Shumway were teaching has a baptismal date now and is going to church every Sunday! AND the little old lady I baptized in Antillanca is apparently the Relief Society teacher! So I was super happy to hear that she has a calling and is still faithful in the church! Good news for the week that made me happy ha-ha. Love you all!

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