Monday, March 27, 2017

Got Talent?

Yeah I heard about Matthews’s big announcement! That’s exciting! Should be interesting! You’ll have to take a bunch of pictures from the wedding so it feels like I’m there! Mi future cunada (sister-in-law) actually wrote me so I’ll respond to her and get to meet her via email. 
Anyways this week was very fun and interesting. We have been super busy with stuff from the branch and when we aren’t doing stuff for the branch we have been busy teaching. We haven’t been able to find very many new people recently due to the lack of people here in Porvenir but we’ve been doing well with the investigators that we do have! 
So now for the interesting stories for the week I’ll just start off with the funny one. So this week we had a branch talent show. I think you can see where this is going...well there are not many people in the branch so there wasn’t much talent. But a lot of people actually ended up coming. So me and my companion had to prepare some talents. We ended up actually doing 3 different acts haha. So the first one was that we sang like a hymn mix up with the Elder Quorum (3 other guys). Then what we ended up doing is that right before hand I was trying to think of what talent I had....then I remembered that I’m pretty decent at catching things in my mouth. Ya I don't know. So we went and bought a bag of Chispop, it’s like a Chilean chip type thing but they’re like little balls. Anyways we ended doing an act with that ha-ha! My companion threw them and I caught them in my mouth ha-ha it actually turned out super awesome! I caught 10 in a row at rapid speed ha-ha looked like I had been practicing for a while;) Then we invited people from the audience and they threw them to me and it was super fun. So that was interesting. But that’s not the best part haha just wait, so before the talent show we realized that we didn’t have enough acts so they asked us to do a 3rd one, but we had to create it in like 10 minutes. So I was like "Hey my companion is Columbian! He can dance salsa or something!!" and everyone was like ya that’d be awesome!!! But he really didn’t want to do it, so I told him that if he does it I would do it with him. So we called our leaders and asked permission and they said sure ha-ha so we ended up dancing salsa in front of everyone. The fun part is that my companion is really good at dancing salsa, but I’m not. I just made a fool of myself but everyone was laughing super hard so I guess it was a success. There’s a ton of videos so I won’t be surprised if it ends up on YouTube ha-ha. Afterwards I was like "Sorry about my lack of rhythm, my excuse is that I’m gringo so..." It was a fun experience, I had no idea what I was doing. At least the Chispop was cool ha-ha. 
Anyways I’ve told you guys about that one investigator that only needs to get married to get baptized, ya well they have a daughter whose 12 and it’s cool because she loves the church. She comes to every activity, literally everything that happens in the church building she’s there, it’s awesome! Actually at an activity we had on Friday she was like "Hey show me the baptismal font! I really want to know like how people are baptized here!" Then after a small lesson on that she was like "Wow me and my mom have to do this! I really want to get baptized!" It’s awesome just to see that type of willingness to follow the Lord in like a 12 year old, its great ha-ha. 
I love this sector a lot, the people here are absolutely awesome, and it makes me sad that one day I will have to leave it. But I also love the mission work, it’s been hard here lately to teach people but this week we’ve prayed hard for teaching opportunities and we have actually seen it a lot more. But it’s interesting because we were praying with like lessons and everything in mind but what we found were a lot of people in the streets and at doorsteps who we were able to teach right then and right there. Like last night we had the feeling to go visit a guy we’ve been teaching named Miguel and actually on the way to his house we found him walking alone in the street and we were like "Hey what’s up?!" He told us that he was not doing well and actually started crying and telling us problems. We actually had the opportunity right there to testify to him and take that teaching opportunity and walked him back to his house and really cheered him up and helped him out a lot last night. God always answers prays in the ways that they need to be answered. 
I hope you all have had and will have a fantastic week! Chao! 


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