Monday, March 20, 2017

Staying in Porvenir:)

We got cambios this week!!!! Cambios (exchanges) are always so exciting in this mission because it’s so huge! Anyways, we are actually going to stay here another cambio together! And I’m super stoked about that! We knew it was going to happen because we've got a lot of work to do here together. We’re looking at having some pretty solid baptisms this next cambio which I’m excited about! Porvenir hasn't baptized for a really long time, like since 2013, so it'll be good.. Anyways, interesting stories this week, so one of them, we were at an investigators house and her husband is a member but her and her kid aren't, so we were teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ  and what benefits it has and what the purpose of life is and it was awesome! She was amazed by the celestial kingdom and she told us "Wow I just want to get married to my husband and then be baptized, I want that!" So I think they're going to get married this week or next week and after that she can make that covenant with God. So I’m super stoked about that! She’s such an awesome person!Sometimes it gets difficult during the lesson though because her husband has been a member for like ever and only ever wants to talk about deep doctrine and it confuses her. But she’s awesome because she always says, "I just want to know what will get us saved and make us happy, that's it!" Haha she’s cool.
    Also last week we found an older guy named Saul, he fishes for octupus...and we went in and he didn't seem that interested in what we had to say. But we gave him a Book of Mormon  and taught him about it and stuff and left. Well this week we went by and he accepted us in again and told us that he's been reading a little bit every night, just a couple scriptures, and continues to tell us he's already in like 1 Nephi Chapter 17,  after a few days! He had a ton of questions for us!! Like he actually read! It was so weird because he didn't really even seem that interested but he really is, and is really reading to see if it's true! It’s awesome! Usually it’s super difficult to get someone to read but hey I’m not complaining haha. Also Elder Felipe passed by Porvenir this week, he was my old companion from Osorno. He ends the mission on Wednesday so we did splits together and it was great to see him for a few days. Super fun! I love seeing other missionaries! Especially because we are stranded here in Porvenir and never see anyone hahaha.  At least I’ve got Elder Molina and he's a super fun kid. Anyways I’m excited to be here another 6 weeks, we should see some real progress in this sector within the next couple of weeks and I’m excited to be a part of it. Have a great week everyone!
Love you all-

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