Monday, February 20, 2017

Punta Arenas!

Well I want to start off my letter this marvelous P-day telling Dad happy birthday! Finally over that hill ha-ha hope the 50’s treat you well! And I’m glad to hear that the party was great! So like this entire week we’ve been in Punta Arenas...we got here on Thursday and we’ve just been staying with random missionaries. It was cool because Rodolfo (the guy that went to Calbuco and worked with us) lives here so yesterday he came to some citas with us which was awesome. It’s weird that I got transferred right near where he is! It was cool, we had a good experience with him.  I was with him and Elder Dickson who is like a newer elder and we didn’t have any plans so we ended up just like knocking doors and no one was answering. Finally after like 100 houses this lady came out and told us "What?! You just woke me up from my nap!!" And the other missionaries were like,” Oh sorry! We’ll come back another time!” But I had the impression just to testify, so I just testified to her that if she would listen to us, she would feel the spirit and she ended up letting us in and it was such a bomb lesson! She really needs the gospel in her life, she already wants to make a covenant with God. She’s awesome! I’m sad it’s not in my sector so I can’t continue to teach her but I’m so glad we found her and just pushed a little with her.
So anyways, this week in Punta Arenas has been sick. I’ll for sure be sending some photos, it’s really pretty here. There’s always a ton of tourists here. It’s super funny because on the boat to Porvenir there’s always a ton of gringos, Germans and French. It’s awesome! They all have one universal language--English. So my companion and I always talk to them. It’s really fun to see where they’re all from and getting to know their stories.  So anyways, I finally bought a sick water proof jacket today; all the ones I was finding that were from a good brand were like 200 or 150 mil peso, way too much. But I found one from like the best Chilean brand here on sale for 50 mil peso! I’m super happy with it. Rodolfo also gave me a really nice backpack because he said there was no way my backpack was going to hold up down here. He is such a cool guy!
Anyways I hope you all had a great week! By the way that storm sounds awesome! Actually the weather is not too bad here yet, only a ton of wind, so when it does rain it stinks. Ha-ha! 
Love you all-

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