Monday, February 13, 2017

Hello from Antarctica!

Hey Greetings from Antarctica! Haha just kidding, we’re still a ways from Antarctica. The flight and everything went good this week. It was weird being on a plane again ha-ha made me kind of sad, because that’s what’s it’s going to be like when I go home.  We flew into Punta Arenas and then that night we stayed at our zone leaders house because boat rides to Porvenir only leave once a day. So the next morning we got on the boat and got to Porvenir. We arrived and this random guy in a large truck asked us, "You guys look lost? Need a ride?" So he took us and all of our stuff to our house which was nice because he saved us like 5 mil peso because the port is like 15 minutes away from the city by car. So we got here and our house is really nice! Best house I’ve lived in so far in the mission! Actually a member here built it just for the missionaries! Its super sick. But it was funny because our cell phone we got is absolutely the crappiest one the mission has, it has no numbers at all!! We went straight to the area book and all the sheets were from 2011 ha-ha, so we were like majorly in the dark the first couple of days.

Funny story--- we found like a piece of paper in the house with a number on it that said President, so we were like calling it and talking to the Branch President here and like setting up citas (appointments) and everything with him. We were asking him who the elders quorum president was and everything and it was super funny because he kept saying "Missionaries you’ve been here for a while! You should already know all this!!" We were so confused. So one day we went to go print stuff out at the church so we called him for the password and everything and he was getting mad at us saying there was no password or anything, We were so confused haha. It turns out that number we found was of a Bishop in Punta Arenas and we had been calling him for like 3 days acting like he was the branch president here on the island, and none of us realized it. It was super funny, we all laughed about it afterwards. Now we have the real president’s number, so we’re good.

 So we thought the sector was going to be really small, that’s what everyone told us but no it’s huge! It is actually like really big, technically our sector is the entire Tierra del fuego, but like we just stay in the city of Porvenir. It is like the only thing our here. So far I love it here though! It’s so windy though and the wind is just pure cold ha-ha, no more just leaving in White shirt. Definitely jacket every day is necessary.

So we’ve already found 3 investigators and they’re super cool. One is Marisol and her daughter, we actually already got them with a baptismal date, she just needs to get married first, which shouldn’t be hard because in this town its actually free. And a girl named Pricilla, she’s super awesome and has been to church before and everything, she’s really awesome. It’s cool because even when there weren’t missionaries here the branch did all the mission work and like taught everyone and everything so they’re all like super down to come to citas (appointments) and stuff with us. It’s awesome! And there’s not too many members here, but the members that are here are super active! There’s around 40 members in Porvenir and usually all of them come to church. I really like this town and there's a lot of work to be done here. My new companion Elder Molina is a great missionary! We both come from little branches in our last sectors and we both had a lot of success in those branches. I think we know why the President sent us here, but we will have to work our butts off here! And I’m excited to do so! It’s not too pretty in this part of the country, it’s all dead because it’s so cold that nothing can grow here ha-ha but like it’s pretty in its own way.

Today for P-day we went to the museum here and we learned that when the Spaniards came in the 1920's, they came here and killed all the native people for sport and used their body parts as money. Like an ear was worth a certain amount and the head was worth the most! Yeah there were some pretty gruesome pictures...anyways have a great week!

Love you All-

Zack Walden

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