Monday, February 6, 2017

New Area:)

    Well Calbuco is doing great, I’ll tell you more about it in a little bit, I want to start off the letter with some news that I’m super excited about!! So we have cambios (transfers) this week, and I wasn’t looking forward to it because odds were that I was leaving. So we got called yesterday and I was right, I am going to leave the sector. I love Calbuco and the people here so it’s going to be tough, BUT president has a special assignment for me and another kid. We are going to open a sector! AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD! The southernmost city on the continent is called Punta Arenas, and I’m going to an island even below that called Porvenir! It’s in a part of the world called Tierra del Fuego, it’s literally the southernmost tip of the mission. It’ll be really cold ha-ha but I’m stoked! Apparently there are penguins in my sector so I’ll send one home for you guys haha! So I’ll be doing a whitewash down there with a kid from Columbia, I don’t know much about him, so I’ll tell you more about him next week. But yeah that was the news, going from a little branch on an island to another little branch on an island. Ha-ha President seems to like to put me on tiny islands. So I’ll be headed there on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

    Anyways this week was bomb in Calbuco. We see this one guy named Andre all over town and he’s like kind of a weird guy so we always just say hi to him and he’s super nice but like everyone told us to stay away from him so we did. Anyways we ended up knocking on a door and it was his house and he invited us in and actually told us this long story about how he had received missionary lessons before and has been reading the Book of Mormon and like really wants to go to church and wants to get baptized. So that was awesome, I don’t know why we never had talked to him before ha-ha. Also we found this one lady this week named Natalie and she lives in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even know how we contacted her house. So we did and she like told us how she has a bunch of Mormon friends and loves how they are and really wants to know what they believe in to be more like them. Her mom was also there and was baptized Mormon a long time ago and really wants to go to church, she just didn’t know what time it was at. So they’re going to do all that’s possible to come this next week.  We’ve been finding some golden people in this sector. The new missionary who comes here is going to be super happy with all the people we are teaching. OH by the way that drunk guy I talked about last we passed by this week and he just seemed super different. He was super happy and he told us, "Dude I took your advice and I said a prayer every single day this week!! And I just love life now! I feel so much better and look; I have a job interview in Puerto Mont in an hour! I’m going to work and stuff!" He was so excited and like gave all the thanks to God. It was awesome! I think he’s got a solid future ahead of him.
Hope you all have a nice week! Love you guys!

**The pictures are of me burning one of my white shirts on my one year anniversary here in Chile. And then we roasted marshmallows:)

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