Monday, August 1, 2016

Lost in Chile

Hey what’s up everybody!!

So about 2 days ago I was thinking I had absolutely nothing to write and then poof-- this weekend was like legit so I got plenty now!! First things first, funny story, this stuff always happens to me. Anyways—We are in Frutillar right now, not Osorno. Long story-- I’ll explain myself. So this morning we thought we would go to Puerto Octay for Pday. Puerto Octay a little pueblito (sorry I really don’t know how to say that in English) it’s on the coast of this lake with volcanoes and what not and apparently it’s pretty legit so we went. It was awesome!! Seriously really, really pretty!! I took some sick photos, you will love them Mom. Anyways, it’s like a really small town, really small, super tranquil, it is awesome. The people were so nice there. BUT when we left we got on this one bus and we were sitting there for like an hour on the bus enjoying the nice scenery on the drive. Beautiful scenery, seriously breathtaking, of the green hills with the cows and then lakes in the background and volcanos. It’s like out of a movie, for real. So after an hour we see this sign that says "FRUTILLAR" we were like “Oh no!” We are in Frutillar, which is an hour in the WRONG DIRECTION! We went more South!! Frutillar is in my old zone!!! My zone from Puerto Montt!!!! We had gotten on the wrong bus!!!! So now we are here in Frutillar and we need to find a way back to Osorno...this should be fun...ANYWAYS-- Hahaha enough about that…

So this week we had an intercambio (exchange) with the zone leaders. I was with my bud Elder Bliss. He’s another Gringo from Oklahoma. It was nice speaking English again. BUT we killed it in the sector! We had a great day together. We taught like a bunch of lessons and stuff but I want to tell you one story in particular. So we contacted this one girl like 4 weeks back and she said we could come back that following Wednesday, so we did of course and her boyfriend answered the door. He told us that they’re really not interested in what we do and that we shouldn’t come back because we were wasting our time, so we didn’t go back. BUT when I was with Elder Bliss, I had a feeling to go back there for some reason so we went back and the boyfriend answered the door again and was like, “Whoa whoa! Hey guy we don’t have time right now!” And we said, “We just came by to see how you were.” He told us he’s been trying to learn English and its super hard, so we started to talk to him a little in English, (he was terrible ha-ha but at least he tried). After that he started talking to us about how he’s restoring this car right now and he loves cars. And just randomly Elder Bliss worked with cars before the mission so they just started bonding talking about cars. And then he just randomly INVITED US IN!! We showed them a video about Christ and taught them a little about the Restoration and they loved it. And invited us to come back!!! I know it was the Holy Ghost telling me DUDE GO TO THEIR HOUSE THEY WILL INVITE YOU IN! So I’m glad I followed the prompting.  I’m excited to meet with them again and see their progress.

We also had 2 people in church yesterday that had never been before. That was great to see. Awesome story behind that too-- one of our investigators told us a week ago that she would be able to go to church on Sunday so on Sunday we were walking with a different investigator to church and she just happened to be in our path to the building! We were like "Hey!! We’re on our way to church!! Come with us!!!" she was like "Well I’ve got stuff to do today but like what the heck why not" and she went and LOVED IT! She knew one of the members too!!! We will definitely pass by her house one day with that member ;) But seriously God has really been blessing us lately in the work. I’ve really seen his hand this last week in the work. My testimony has grown so much that if we live Gods commandments and make ourselves available to the Lord, he will use us to do great things.
Thank you for all the letters this week. I am so sorry that I did not get to write any of you this week. I ran out of time and we have to go find a way back to Osorno. Hope you all have a great week and I absolutely love hearing from all of you! Hopefully next week I will have time to write you back-

Elder Zack Walden

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