Monday, July 25, 2016

Oreos and Milk!

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Hey Everyone-
    Hope everyone is doing well. Nothing really THAT interesting has happened this week, been kind of boring. But I still have some cool stories! So we’ve been having some trouble finding people to teach, like I think I’ve said before, but if I haven’t, now you know. So we set the goal this week to find a new investigator every day. We did not meet this goal, but we did find 5 new investigators this week! Which is awesome! That’s like more than we had all last month hahaha. So that was a miracle. With a little more faith, this week we can find 7! SÍ NOS PODEMOS!!!! TENGA FE!!!!
    Oh and remember that area in my sector I was talking about? With all the really rich people?? Well like no missionary has ever entered a house there. It’s super difficult because they’re all really rude and think they’re better than you so they tell you to leave. At the houses you don’t knock on their doors, you ring this buzzer thing and they answer you through that and you talk through a little speaker thing. So it’s really hard to be invited into houses like that. For example, last week we buzzed this one house and this girl answered and said "I have 3 Rottweilers (big dogs) in my yard who will hurt you, so leave." we were like oh okaaayyy??? Hahaha ANYWAYS-- Last night we went up there and we were like dude tonight’s the night!!!! We’re going to enter a house!!! We have faith! It’ll happen!!!! So we knock on this one door, and this girl comes out, and we were like, ”Hey, we have a message to share with you that can change your life.” That’s all we said and she was like, “Hmmmm wait a minute!” So we waited and she came out the door and invited us in. We were like dude, we’re in a cuicos (rich persons) house!! Her mom came out also and they brought us Oreos and milk and sat down with us and listened to our message about the Restoration. And they liked it a lot! So we’re going to go back next week. They even said that they’ll come to church with us! It was awesome. Miracle of the week.
    Tonight we’re going to have a noche de hogar (family home evening) with Pablo and his family at the Mission President’s house with President Obeso. So wish us luck! That will be interesting. I feel like President will darnos cualquier palo (give us a lot of advice) afterwards ha-ha but its fine. We can always improve.But yeah that’s basically it, sorry I’m boring.
     OHHHH also!!! On Sundays we have lunch with the members in the ward and yesterday it was all the way out in the campo (countryside)! So we drove with the AP out there and a GRINGO answers the door!!! We were like “HOLA! WAIT YOU’RE GRINGO! HEY WHATS UP MAN! Ha-ha it turns out he married this daughter of this family in our ward and he’s here visiting her family. He’s from Arkansas and served a mission in Argentina. Actually the Bahia Blanca mission!! Where Taylor is;) But yeah so he met her there in his mission and lived a little bit in Chile after they got married and now they’re both living in Arkansas. And it’s awesome because he has a kid who’s like 4 years old and he understands both languages because they speak both in their house so I can like mix English with Spanish and the kid understands me! It was weird hahaha so random! But yeah that happened--- Fun times! 
Hope you all have a great week!
Elder Zack Walden

1-Our old lunch crew and where we eat lunch. Mamitas house is really nice
2-A  pretty picture I took, I'm like an artist.
3- A game type thing that we made for an investigator
4- My last districts last day together

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