Monday, August 29, 2016

New Companion and Milkshakes

Hello Everyone-

We had cambios (exchanges) this week and my companion Elder Felipe was transferred. We had been companions for 3 months straight and he was great. So I'm still in Osorno! Same sector! Which I am stoked about!! For realJ And Elder Le Seuer is my companion. His name is French but he’s not French ha-ha sorry. He’s from Mesa, Arizona. It’s cool because he’s Brower's kid in the mission (Anyone remember Brower? like my best friend from Puerto Montt) yeah now his kid is my companion. He’s a really good missionary! I already know we are going to have a lot of success tomorrow. I already love this cambio!  So yeah! I’ll post some pictures later in the letter and you can see him. And it’s his birthday today, so we went and got milk shakes in the morning and stuff, it was fun.

Anyways this week has been kind of slow because of cambios and what not but I still have a cool experience to share. So we were deciding to visit a part of the sector that I had never been to and it’s like total campo, completely, like straight farm town ha-ha. So we entered the one fence and found this lady and started to talk to her and she was real straight up with us and told us like hey I know what you guys do, my uncle is Mormon but has fallen away and I know exactly what you guys believe in so I’m not interested. We ended up just asking like "Well you say that you know a lot but like do you know the roots of our church and where we come from?" So we started a conversation about the Book of Mormon and ended up teaching about the restoration to her and testified a lot of all the things we were saying. You could literally see the change in her eyes as the spirit touched her heart. She went from saying that she’s not going to commit to do anything to saying after we talked to her that she is going to commit to reading the Book of Mormon. She literally used those exact words but in Spanish of course. But it was really special to just see the spirit testify to her heart and how much her personality and willingness changed; it was truly amazing to watch. Right then I knew this would be a good companionship.
Enjoy the pictures! Have a great week-


Elder Zack Walden

1,2 & 7. People in the ward on Elder Felipe’s last day
3. Our goofy milkshake picture with my new comp--yes we look like dorks:)
4. Me and the famous toro here in Osorno
5  Me with Elder Sanabria on his last day
6.We found a giant Sid from Ice Age---yeah I don't even know

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