Monday, August 8, 2016

Feed My Sheep

HEY!! If you were wondering from last week’s letter we did make it safely back to Osorno last Monday ha-ha. We got home a little late but our zone leaders forgave us. The whole 2 hour trip back home the bus was PACKED so we had to stand up the whole time because we are gentlemen missionaries and gave our seats to other people. ANYWAYS! This week we went hard, me and Elder Felipe just clicked this last week. Finally!!! I don't know what happened but we had like a ton of lessons this week and got into like every house and we invited like everyone to baptism. We've gotten really good at our first discussion skills where almost everyone accepts baptism. Even though we still have no one with a date...BUT it’s alright!! We will put them with a date this week. So yeah I’m super pumped about that! I GOT THE FIRE RIGHT NOW AND I AM GOING TO KEEP SHARING IT! I personally have really realized my purpose as a missionary this last week, and every person I saw this week was different because of it. Before I was teaching and learning because I’m a missionary and it’s what I do and God wants me to do it. But really these people are CHILDREN OF GOD who need this way back to him. We have knowledge of this truth and we can save souls with it!!! We’ve got to do everything we can so the people can understand it! I am really starting to LOVE the work and LOVE the people.
     Anyways we had this contact about a month and a half ago, it was weird because it was my first cambio here and I still hadn’t really known many people so this guy just invited us in randomly and we just started teaching him. I thought he was someone that Elder Felipe had known beforehand but I taught him none the less. Then after the appointment Elder Felipe said that was the first time we had ever met him. For some reason we didn’t pass by for about 3 weeks (I really don’t know why, I completely forgot about him up until this moment) so we were in that area and we passed the house and I was like "dude remember that guy we taught forever ago here???" So we ended up knocking on his door and again he let us in!! And we were talking to him and we gave him one of the pamphlets and were talking to him about it, and he was like "Wait I’m confused? Why do I need to read this? These are words on a paper? I already know your church is true!" We were like, “ Uh wait what?!” And he said he had been praying for a long time for somebody to show him something different and show him the way of God, and he said our first visit, he had finished a prayer like 30 seconds before that and asked God to answer him what he should do at this point in his life. THEN WE SHOWED UP! Then he said 3 weeks after that experience he prayed again to know if those missionaries were the way he should take, and that same day we knocked on his door again, after 3 weeks!!! Me and Elder Felipe were like, well flip man!!!! This is amazing!! But there is one problem we found with him this last week, he does not want to hear the lessons, he said he already knows it’s true and we don’t have to convince him he just needs to receive the answer if baptism is what he should do, but we still haven’t really taught him like anything. And he refuses to come to church. But we are still working with him, but yeah there a little miracle for you from this week! Always act by the spirit everyone!!! God puts people in our paths that are ready for this path and this gospel, we just need to act and miracles WILL happen!! People are out there waiting everyone. NOW GO FIND THEM! Remember what Jesus said to Peter?! FEED MY SHEEP. Go feed them!

Anyways, this week will be fun; the son of Elder Packard is coming to the mission on Thursday and having a conference with us. Just to give you an insight of how big my mission is, he has to do 3 different conferences, 1 here in Osorno, with all the north of the mission, 1 in Puerto Mont with the middle and 1 in Punta Arenas with the South because it would cost too much money to fly everyone into Osorno. Anyways, the rain has hit, hard, and guess what decided to break this week? My umbrella!!!! haha so I’ve been using this piece of junk one that I found in the house. It’s of no use anyways because here in Chile it’s a mix of wind and rain, so it rains in all directions here haha but it’s fun, it’s a good time.  There are more stories I think but this email is long enough and I don’t feel like writing all of it, Que tenga una buena semana!

Have a great week!


Elder Zachary Walden

Okay so heres some pics!-
--We had a zone conference this week and we’re all in the same zone now!! A little CCM reunion!!
--We went to this investigators house and she was all excited because she caught a fish so she like gave it to me and said” Where’s your camera?! I want to take a pic of you with it!” haha Super random but here’s the fish.
--That same investigator  took a pic of us teaching her
--This sign means cheeses from the South, so I took a picture

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