Monday, August 22, 2016

Treats from Chile:)

From Zack's Mom:****We were able to meet a wonderful family from Chile that knows Zack and were over here in the US for their sons wedding. They brought us a package from Zack that was filled with Chilean treats. It was great! They are so nice and were telling us how much they love Zack (Elder Walden) told us that he is a really hard worker. It was great to hear and wonderful to know and that he has such good people in Chile watching out for him. Such a treat!*****

I hope you guys liked all the treats.  I've been super busy so I literally bought all that Saturday night and gave it to them last Sunday. But yeah! Little taste of Chile!! Hope you enjoyed meeting the family :) They’re really good people! And I’ll probably be seeing them this week.  . Anyways! This week will be interesting because we have cambios (transfers) this week!!! No one knows where or if they will be transferred but looks like I’m going to stay here another cambio, at least I think so. But I’m chill with staying here.  I was hoping to stay here because we have a lot of people we are teaching right now and I want to remain teaching them!! Because they’re awesome!!! So next week I will tell you who my new companion is and all that.  Should be interesting!

I always have miracles to tell you guys, every week, and it’s probably getting boring but hey it’s the mission, it’s the Lords work, miracles happen every day. For real. SO this week, was amazing. We were teaching this one kid Alex, and he even came to church with us 2 weeks ago but he had a problem that he didn’t believe in God. He said he respects everyone’s beliefs and respects everyone but him himself doesn’t believe in God or anything like that and is not going to he told us that there wasn’t really a purpose for us to come over that was sad...BUT the next day we knocked on his neighbors door! And this sweet old lady came out and said "You Guys!! Come on in!!!!" we were like uhhh sweet! Thank you! So we went in and started talking about the work and what we do and everything and she was like "Hey so like I was supposed to be baptized in a different church a year ago but something told me that I needed to wait, I didn’t know why but I waited. So last week I was really pondering to myself on if this church that I am following is true or not, in that moment I saw you missionaries going to my neighbor’s house and I just felt the love you guys had for him. So I was praying and I wanted to know for myself what you guys did and about your religion. And its super weird because I was saying that prayer today, and then you guys knock on my door! So I just had to let you guys in!" My companion and I were like, “Well this happens a lot actually ha-ha this is the work of the Lord.” So we have been teaching her all this last week and she has accepted everything!! She said the prayer in the last lesson and it was amazing, and after she told us that she feels something different with us and she recognizes that it’s the spirit of God. She also came to church yesterday and loved it!! She stayed all three hours and already knew like 4 people in the ward and got along great with everyone. I have never met anyone as ready for this gospel as she is. I am so excited to keep working with her! She has already accepted that she should be baptized in this church. Now we just need to put her with a date! We left that lesson that day just saying "Man this really is the work of the Lord, and I’m so happy to be a part of it." I really love this work.

 AND--- You know Pablo? Remember him? So he didn’t get baptized this week because his friend wasn’t worthy so we were bummed about that but his Bishop said if he took the sacrament this week he would be fine, so I’m hoping this next week it happens. But anyways-- The whole family are recent converts. The daughter Carla has been really strong in sharing the gospel with all of her friends so she was at her friend’s house the other day and her friend like got mad at her mom or something and got mad at Carla so she ended up hitting Carla and talking bad to her mom. So Carla tells her "Hey! I will forgive you if you speak nice to your mom right now! But if you don’t we will not be friends!" So the mom really likes Carla for that and says that Carla is a good person because she’s Mormon. She told her daughter to go to church with Carla. So she came yesterday!! And loved it!! She’s going to start taking lessons from the missionaries and says she wants to get baptized. It’s amazing! She lives in the sector of the other missionaries but it’s alright-- I’m excited to see her progress!!

Seriously everyone, miracles happen every day, this work is amazing! Every single day I see the changes the gospel can make in people lives. It’s truly amazing. I’m sorry I have no pictures this week and the last week because it has been raining like mad and I don’t want to bring my camera out in the rain. BUT MIRACLES ARE REAL JUST TRUST IN THE LORD AND WORK HARD AND HE WILL DO THE REST!!!! 

Hope you all have a fantastic week-
Elder Walden

This is the woman we met and she is Zack's Chilean "Mom":)

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