Monday, July 4, 2016

On Top of the World!

Sorry I don’t have much time to write right now but I have a lot to tell you guys so I will make it fast. So to start it off, we found this one lady named Maria Sanchez who is awesome! She is super receptive and we found her just knocking doors and she invited us in and loves us. She’s catholic right now but she likes what we have to say. We came at the perfect time in her life because her son had tried to commit suicide the day before...and like a month ago her husband died randomly from a heart attack while she was talking to him. Super sad but we are helping her big time and she’s trying to do anything to better her life and come closer to God, so what better ways are there than through the Gospel?! uhm NONE!! So it’s perfect. We’re trying right now to get her son to listen to us as well. But he wants nothing to do with’s sad...but we are working with them.

 Also we are teaching the family still of the girl that just got baptized. Her dad still isn’t baptized but we are working really hard with him and the family is working hard also. He's stubborn, but we found his problem and it’s a difficult problem, because he knows to keep the Sabbath day holy but he can’t because he will lose his job if he doesn’t work on Sundays so he doesn’t want to get baptized because of that. It’s hard but we are helping him out a lot and we had an amazing lesson with them and they were all crying and what not. I love that family! They are so awesome and I always leave their house just smiling. They’re such good people and always just want to serve others and make other smile. It is families like that why I’m out here on the mission.

Also this week me and Elder Petersen (the other gringo in my zone) went and taught English to a class!! One of their investigators is an English professor so we went and helped out a bit. We split up into 2 groups and just talked with the kids in English, asked them questions, they asked us questions and it was so much fun! I kept saying stuff in Spanish on accident though ha-ha not going to lie, it was really difficult to speak English ha-ha like really difficult, and it was weird. But we did mission work too because the kids loved us. They were asking us what neighborhoods we serve in and wanted us to pass by their houses and everything and were asking us after class about the work and stuff. It was awesome ha-ha the kids were amazing! Such a good time!

Today we went to the actual Antillanca (ski resort in Chile)!! Oh my goodness it was the most amazing place I’ve ever seen! I have a ton of photos to attach. It was seriously like out of a movie or was crazy. The view was amazing. And our driver wasn’t a member so we taught him and stuff on the hike up and he loved us! Buena ohnda con la iglesia;) but it was great! You will absolutely love the photos. And by the way they don’t celebrate July 4th here ha-ha their July fourth is in September. And I hear from other missionaries that it is fun but you will explode from how much food people give you that day ha-ha. Oh funny story for the week, when we taught the kids English the teacher told us to talk how we did in our states so I sat down with my group and the first thing I said was "alright what throwing down dudeskis" and I looked at the teacher and she had a look on her face like "oh no, what did I get myself into..." ha-ha but I told her I was just joking. It was hilarious. The first thing everyone asked me was "Do you know anyone famous?!?" and I always answer "Well my brother was in a band" ha-ha "Kings of Narnia!" and they’re all like "Hey I’ll have to look that up!" So KON is making a comeback here in Chile!!! Chao amigos!!

Happy 4th of July!! Have a great week!


Elder Walden

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