Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Singing Solo

     Not much happened this week...its been really slow with the soccer final and everything. You dont know how many times I have heard CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE VIVA CHILE!!!!!!!!! This week was insane with that we have talked to an insane amount of barachos (drunkards). Haha So that was fun but like freaking no one answered their doors to us or wanted to talk to us or anything!!! It's been soooooooo slow! Even our investigators were all super busy this week so we didnt really teach that many lessons either.
    The good news is that we had a baptism on Friday!! So that was good. And then we confirmed her on Sunday. It was awesome and we had 2 investigators at the baptism. It was great! I was incharge of conducting the music and here in Chile theres not any pianists so to start the song the conductor goes up and sings the first couple of notes and then starts to lead the congregation. So at the end of the baptism the Bishop was talking at the microphone and went to go sit down so I was like oh okay its my turn to go up and conduct the song so I went up on the stage and started to sing the first couple of notes and everyone was just looking at me I was like uhm que pasó? and I look over and the Bishop was at the stand with his scriptures and everything. I forgot that he had a talk at the end and theeeennnnn we sing.......so every one laughed and I sat down and then he finished his talk and at the end he was like and noooooowwwww we're going to sing Elder Walden hahaha, I have too many embarrasing moments with these Chileans, gosh dang haha. But our investigator Juan showed up.  He's awesome, he came out of no where!! The first lesson with him he like sang us a song he wrote about Jesus and preached to us the whole time so we thought we would like never go back to him again. But then he came to church randomly and the baptism and he loved them both. He loves the members and his neighbor is our Mamita and they're super good friends. We're going to have a lesson with him at her house this week. It's awesome!
       I've learned alot this week about teaching with the spirit. I have realized that in lessons I have trouble speaking and talking the language when I don't feel the spirit and when I don't know much about what we are talking about. So I've been studying alot and during lessons I realize that when I feel the spirit I always say what I need to say and feel good about the lessons and what we taught about. I've been having a problem lately because my companion really likes to teach by the book and by the points and everything which is good but it wasn't working for us because our investigators would have questions and concerns about the doctrine and he would try to morph the lesson into what he wanted to talk about without answering their questions and it just felt weird. So we had a long talk this week about how to feel the spirit during lessons and how to discern the needs of the investigators by the spirit and direct the lessons by the spirit and not by our own thought. This was a big learning week and this next week will be applying what I learned I hope!
Sorry no pictures....my camera broke. Have a great week!
Elder Walden

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