Monday, April 11, 2016

Laundry in a Tub!

Every week I see so many miracles! This week I have definitely seen the hand of God in mine and Elder Nielsens life. This week we found a part member family. The husband served a mission in San Diego, California but his wife is not a member of the church. His English is super good, which is a great blessing for me because he can help me with my Spanish. His wife is learning English so she practices her English with me and I practice my Spanish with her. It’s great! Every Sunday we go to their home and teach about the gospel and I teach the lessons almost all by myself, so I can get practice. They are great! She is ready for this gospel and I think she will want to be baptized soon. Such a blessing! I also think that God has a sense of humor. On Saturday on our way to our house, Elder Nielsen was talking about how nobody ever accepts help from us when we offer it. Right at that moment we saw a woman with a lot of bags on the way to her home. We asked, but it was obvious, if she needed help with her bags. She surprisingly accepted our offer to help! We had a twenty minute walk to her home carrying her bags and taught a little about the gospel. We also set a date with her for a home evening visit this week with a ward member. God really knows what we have in our mind and sees us every day. I know that God loves us and gives us blessings in times of need. I am very grateful for my knowledge of this gospel and the opportunity to preach and serve. Also I have attached a couple of pictures---finally got a charger for my camera. Usually someone in the ward will do our wash for us but this week we couldn’t get anyone. So we had to wash our stuff in the tub—haha! It is so ghetto but I love it! Oh and I am also so mad. We went on intercambios (?) this last week and I went to a very pretty part of our area and it was gorgeous! And I forgot my stinking camera! I was so mad! But I will go back sometime soon and take some pictures for you guys. There are some dang pretty sights here. Have a great week! Love you All! Elder Zack Walden

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