Monday, April 18, 2016

Time for New Shoes:/

Well my first transfer is over! Crazy right?! I have 12 weeks of my mission already done. It’s so weird! I feel like I just left, and I heard it only gets faster. So that will be fun! We still don’t know whose getting transferred but like 10 zone leaders are finishing their mission, we know that for sure so like some things will change up. It’ll be interesting and exciting! So not much has happened this week, kind of a cruddy week. We've been inside a lot because Elder Nielsen still has bronchitis. But we finally got like super strong medicine from the hospital that like cures pneumonia so it should work. So we’ve only been leaving to go to appointments and what not but like a lot of them fell through this week so we haven’t really been doing much which stinks but like we’re just trying to get Nielsen better. But yesterday after lunch we went to go get on a bus and I had to get in the back seat but this lady in the back moved over super slow so I had to wait for her so I had my bag like already in the bus and I had one foot in and the bus driver just floors it! So I’m like running alongside the car with one leg and had to like dive into the bus and I tear my shoe like in half and the lady in the back is yelling "CUIDADO!!" So finally I like jump in and the bus driver slams on the brakes and starts asking me if I was alright and I was just like yeah man estoy bien ha-ha. He felt so bad. I was sad about my shoe but my companion was busting up in the front seat. Looking back it was super funny! Anyways, my zone leader Elder Ackerman is getting transferred, this is his last 6 weeks of the mission and it’s his birthday in a couple days so we had a party at our house last night and it was so fun. We all had party hats and made some cake and played pin the tail on the donkey for like hours! Here we are like grown men, he’s turning 23 ha-ha and that’s how we throw a party. I t was so fun though. It was crazy. So it was a boring week but like fun at the same time. My Spanish continues to improve and I continue to look forward to new experiences. I love having the opportunity to see more miracles and to become closer to my Savior. I feel like I've gained a new love for reading the Scriptures and studying the word of God, which is good for a missionary. Hope everyone has a great week! Love- Elder Zack Walden So these pictures are from last night at the party thing and then we ate some weird Chilean like nut shell type things, they were so weird. Not really that good to be honest.

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