Monday, June 12, 2017

No Fires, but.....

Well I’m happy to report that there weren’t any fires this week! Ha-ha So there’s a little success but it was also just interesting as a week. Woo I have quite the story to tell you guys...So you know how we were going to baptize this week? Well the Hermana’s in our branch were going to baptize also, and their 2 people chose us to baptize them. So we were all ready for the baptisms on Saturday and people were getting there late so we had to like postpone it just a little. So the Hermana’s decided to go in the car of one of our investigators (Pamela, Oscars mom) to pick up 1 of their investigators. So we were waiting, and they had called us saying they were almost there so we started to get everything ready to start the baptism. Well we get a call a couple seconds later from one of the Hermana’s crying hysterically saying that they had gotten in a car crash! So my companion went and told her other 18 year old son named Nico and we sprinted to where the accident was. The ambulances, firefighters and everyone were already there and we went and found them and the Hermana were just crying like crazy saying that it wasn’t there fault and that it was a big crash, (the car was completely destroyed) but luckily no one was hurt too bad. It turns out that the guy driving the other car was drunk and ran the red light and T boned them head on. It’s honestly a miracle that everyone left out of that car with only minor injuries. The drunk guy and his friend were a little more messed up; everyone in our investigators car was fine. But they had to all go to the hospital and fill out reports and what not so we had to cancel all the baptisms because the Hermana’s couldn’t go or the mom of Oscar. We had to go back to the church and give the bad news to everyone. It was really a horrible accident and now this family does not have a car but the family sees that it could have been much worse. Oscar will get baptized this next Saturday and the family will keep going to church and working with us so it’ll be good. I’m just happy that everyone is alright!!! All the things that have happened to us this cambia (exchange) have been crazy! The adversary is working hard in our little branch. Anyways have a great week everyone! 


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