Monday, January 9, 2017

Home & Visiting Teaching Rocks!

Hello Everybody-

I love this branch that I am serving in! I’m definitely going to miss this branch, as hard as it is, I know I will miss it when I don’t have it. Speaking of that, this Sunday was our numbers have been dwindling in the branch...we legitimately started Sunday with 4, my companion, the President, and his daughter. People ended up filtering in after a while but our numbers are still majorly dwindling. The President leaves this week to go work in Punta Arenas for 15-20 days...that’s 3 I’ll be in charge. I’ll be a very busy person, so just know I’m never not doing anything. I’ll be really on my game the next couple of weeks, should be interesting. We are really starting to put a real focus on the menos activos (less active members), which is hard because we are teaching a ton of people but we have had to really organize our time really well lately to get done everything we have to do. The menos active (less active) work needs to be done so we have a lot of appointments set up this week. I’m excited to start working with them and I’m hoping as a result, they start doing their visits and start coming to lessons with investigators with us and it’s like a snowball effect. It might be a small effect but I’m excited to see what happens!
We’ve been having some bomb lessons this week! It’s sad because everyone we had been teaching who was going to get baptized like moved...but we have some other super solid investigators, who are ready, so we will be working like crazy with them too! I want to see some progress in this branch!!!!!! My companion and I though have done some really spiritual original lessons this last week. Today we created this entire lesson plan using all the images in the image pack and the entire lesson plan comes from "The Living Christ" so after the whole lesson we are just going to gift them the images and the Living Christ. Pretty smart idea if you ask me ;) It’ll be awesome because we get a super good spirit and point across and then they have a ton of reminders after of what we taught and why we are here as missionaries!! If anyone has not read The Living Christ, READ IT! PRAY! READ IT and then PRAY AGAIN!! There is no doubt in my mind that if you do this you will feel so much love in your heart!! The love of God in your heart and soul!!! IT’S AMAZING!!! And if you don’t know where to find it, ask your nearest Mormon:)
With all this stuff we’ve been going through in the branch I have really come to understand the importance of VISITING TEACHING and HOME TEACHING. It’s important to not base your testimony on the members but in Christ but also it’s a good opportunity to share the light of Christ with others and create a real feeling of a support system in the church and so everyone can continue learning and progressing. IT’S SO IMPORTANT AND SUCH AN INSPIRED THING!!! DO YOUR VISITS with that purpose in share the light of Christ and to strengthen others in their own faith in Christ. If everyone does their visits every month or even every week the church will be so amazingly strong and it will legitimately be hard to fall away from the church. It will make it difficult because everyone’s testimony will just be constantly growing!!! IT’S SO IMPORTANT--- JUST DO IT!! So yeah that’s just some stuff that have really been on my mind this week:) Hope you all have a great week!! Chao chao!!

Elder Zack Walden

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