Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Years from Chile!

Hey what’s up!

  Our week went well! This week was a little slower because of New Years and everything but we were still like super busy this entire week. We are still teaching a lot and still working like crazy towards those baptismal dates. Doesn’t look like they’re going to happen this week because of difficulties but we are still working hard towards them. Actually it’s sick because we’ve been taking a boat to this island recently that’s called Peluqui because we have had some references out there. Every single house we knock there on that island they’re just like "Hey come in! Who are you? Teach us!" It’s awesome haha literally every house! I love farmers! But it just added a whole new place to our already huge sector but it’s alright.  We’re pretty good at planning and setting up appointments to get around to everyone. It’s awesome!
       So the New Years was pretty fun. Sadly we only had permission to stay out until 10pm but it was still fun. We ate lunch with the Hermana Silvia and then with the Papitoss for dinner. It was a blast! We actually started kicking the ball around a bit and Elder Shum’s like nailed a post with his head ha-ha it was one of the funniest moments of my life:)  He is alright, don’t worry. People told us to make sure and look outside at midnight to see all the crazy Chileans celebrating New Years. So at midnight  we did and man I have never seen so many flares going off in the sky! Apparently every Chilean owns like 15 flares. It was interesting. But it was a fun night ha-ha we fell asleep at 12:02. 
       Yesterday we went to an investigators house and roasted a lamb.  It was so sick! It was good bro time with Jose. Just sitting with him over a roasting lamb and he like taught us how to do it and everything. It was so good, the best I’ve ever tasted! But yeah the week was pretty low key, not much happened because it was the holiday and what not...hope you all had a great week!!

Happy New Year!

---Elder Zack Walden

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