Monday, January 23, 2017

Clams, Clams, Clams!

Hope you’re happy I sent some pictures this week :) So yeah I turn a year this week, and other missionaries are staying at our house that day and we’re seeing an apostle, so it’ll be quite the party. Anyways, you’ll hear all about that next week!
This week was awesome! We taught like A TON this week but we are still working hard to get them to understand baptism and everything. It’s frustrating because everyone in Calbuco has like 90 friends that are Mormon but don’t go to church or anything so everyone is afraid of baptism because of’s so frustrating. Anyways yesterday was something called the "Curanto Gigante" and man it was gigante ha-ha. Literally everyone that lives anywhere near Puerto Montt comes to Calbuco and they go into the campo and cook curantos and what not. We can’t go though because it’s on Sunday and everything costs and what not but like NO ONE is home. First of all, what’s a curanto? Let me tell you! A curanto is legit how Chileans used to cook stuff in the olden days. So what they do is they dig a hole and put rocks in it. Then they light wood on fire above it until the rocks get super-hot. Then once the rocks are really hot they start piling a ton of stuff on it (clams, different types of sea food, fish, chicken, sausage, potato stuff and this stuff called chaperelles). They put the sea food stuff on first and then cover it with giant leaves and then put all the other stuff on and cover it with more leaves and then they cover the entire thing with a giant tarp and then you wait an hour and it all cooks and stuff! It’s awesome! It only gets done here in the south of Chile! It is so good!!
So we had no work yesterday but one of our investigators invited us over because he was doing one in his house with his family and he always tells us we’re part of the family ha-ha. So we went and it was really cool! I added some pictures of it! It was awesome! I’ve never eaten so many clams in my entire life. I’m actually a really big fan of them! It was really interesting ha-ha we’re so trying it in California some day!
When we were waiting for it to cook we decided to go out and go contacting and ran into a man that was crying. He was super drunk when we found him and he was saying how his wife left him and he lost his job and they just kicked him out of the place he was living in. Then randomly this guy walked up that ended being his cousin and he just told us to take him to his house and that he would be there in a second. So we go into his house with this drunk guy and his friend is there and just looks at us when we come in and said "Why’d you bring the Jehovah Witnesses?" ha-ha. He was so confused. but we ended up like talking to them for a little bit (which is really funny because they were super drunk so Elder Shumway didn’t understand a thing ha-ha.) But we ended up doing a prayer with them and setting up a return appointment. They really liked us so before we left they all took selfies with us, it was super funny. Then the guy took us to his apple tree and had us take one and then we went back to the curanto. It was an interesting experience, you never know what’s going to happen in the south of Chile ha-ha. Anyways that’s my experience for the week! Btw I finally bought a suit today, I’ve been without one for like 3 weeks now ha-ha but a got a good one for cheap! Hope you’re enjoying your week! Chao!
Elder Walden

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