Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Island Hopping

*****(Note from Zack's Mom) Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a picture wishing Zack a happy birthday. I was able to send him 4 birthday banners with all the pictures that I received. He is going to love it! Lately he hasn't been getting an mail from us so I really hoping that the banners get to him:/ Zack's birthday is November 10th so please drop him an email wishing him a happy birthday by next Monday. Let's fill his inbox with birthday greetings! Thank you so much for always supporting him:)***** You can email him at zachary.walden@myldsmail.net

Hey what's up everybody! Sorry I’m writing late again...but don’t worry we have permission to write late and what not...today AGAIN is some Chilean holiday. I swear every week is some Chilean holiday where no one works and nothing is open and everyone just stays in their house and does nothing ...that’s Chile for you...and these days are like always on Mondays so it’s hard on the missionaries. Also we didn’t have much of a P-day today anyways because in the morning we went to go play soccer with some investigators. It’s awesome because we are so tight with a lot of investigators right now----it’s great! But after the game one of the investigators told us that he is moving and what not and needed help moving the stuff from his house. So we helped them literally all day with that...but it’s alright! It was fun spending all day helping him and his family. And at the end they bought us a pichanga!! If you have ever been to Chile you know what it is ;) Dad would love it ha-ha. And the best part about it is we got to go to one of the islands! Look here in Calbuco, it’s an island, but like surrounded by bunch of other little islands and people actually live on the other islands too, like a lot of people. But us as missionaries can’t go anywhere by boat, it’s a rule because it can be dangerous...but us in Calbuco have the permission to go to the islands in our sector only and ONLY IF we get invited to help someone or teach someone. WELL this family bought beds for their new house from someone that lives on an island. So we got to go in like this tiny boat raft type thing and go to it and then load the beds on and come back. It was awesome! So sketchy though because the boat was TINY! The boat was about the size of the mattress we brought back on it ha-ha like literally we had to sit on the mattresses on the raft on the way back because there wasn’t room. NO JOKE!!! But it was great...cold and sketchy but great! I took some pictures on the boat and with our investigator but I don’t think I’ll be able to send them where we are...but I will try my best. (Unfortunately he sent no pictures)
            Today is Halloween! Yes it exists here. It’s the same as in the states just like not as big...everyone tells me "yeah we celebrate it here but it stinks, it’s nothing like where you’re from." But at least they still celebrate it! And hey guess what I TURNED 9 MONTHS IN THE MISSION THIS WEEK! It’s pretty cool.  I’ve come a long way...but it’s weird that the month is over...months fly by here in the mission...it’s so weird...

Hope everyone has a great week!
Love you all-
Elder Zack Walden

*No pictures this week :( But I added this one from the Mexico MTC---it is one of my favorites. Remind anyone of Nacho Libre? :)))

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