Monday, October 24, 2016

Busy and Exhausted--Love it!

Hey what’s up everybody? Sorry we are writing late...not my fault...but this week was a great week in the mission work!! We are teaching a lot of people here in Calbuco. We are working our butts off-- We are always busy. Our schedule is FULL every day! And whenever we are not teaching we get to doing contacts. I love getting home and just being exhausted every day. It’s great!!!

 So I do have a cool story for this week too, haha-- always do. Literally there are miracles every day! So this week we had a capilla abierta in the zone leaders sector. I don’t know if I have told you about those but we like have an open house for the church building and there’s like members working different rooms and you can learn all about the church and what not and there’s food and everything, it’s awesome! They should do it in California. BUT the missionaries during it either help to work one of the rooms and teach and what not or they go out and just go contacting and inviting people off the street to it. So that was the job for me and Elder Hernandez. We walked down to this one like park area and saw the other missionaries there, so we passed them right next to this soccer court where these kids were being trained by this one guy. So we tell the other missionaries "Hey lets go contact those people playing soccer and go invite them!" and they were like "Ha-ha they’re never going to even listen to you! You guys can. We’re going to go contact some people that will actually listen to us!" ha-ha So we walked into the court and they were like in-between goals so I went up to the trainer guy and was like "Hey! How’s the soccer game going?" and he just told me without even looking at me "I’m not going to listen, we’re busy!" I was like dang it those missionaries were right ha-ha...but then randomly one of the kids playing soccer ran up to me and was like, "Hey are you from the United States? Do you know English?" and I was like “Yeah!”.  So all the kids started running up to me and asking what their names would be in English and a bunch of random words in English ha-ha it was funny. But then they were like, "Hey do you guys want to play with us?" So I look at Elder Hernandez and he was like, “Dude I don’t know ha-ha do you want to?” So we were like "Hey you know what? We will play a little game with you guys, a game to 4, if we win you go to the capilla abierta and if you guys win, we will leave you alone". They were like “Yeah!” So we played against these 12 year olds, and we got destroyed. Those kids know how to play soccer! It was hilarious. We got wrecked! And as we played a bunch of random people gathered around to watch. We only played for about 7 minutes but man I was winded!!! But yeah so we lost, like terribly...but we ended up talking with them after and they went with us to the capilla abierta! And also a lot of the people that watched us came to the church Open House also! They stayed at the church for a while and seemed to really enjoy it. It was awesome! And I heard one of them went to church yesterday:) Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to share the gospel with anyone! Sometimes they will completely reject you at first but over time they might accept and they might feel the joy and happiness that is found in the church. 

Yesterday we went in groups and visited the people we don’t see at church anymore to go share a short message with them. It was awesome to just see the change in them from when we showed up to when we left! Look, a lot of times people don’t go to church for a while and forget the joy that the gospel can bring in their life. It’s sad when members fall away from the church because they had that joy and happiness and truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives but then gave up without even realizing it. I’m not saying that it is impossible to have joy outside of the church. I know that God loves all of his children and gives them everything he can to find joy in all things. I mean men might be so they might have joy, it’s in the scriptures! But the biggest and most life changing gift we can receive is that of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His church. To know and live the plan that God has for us. But some people settle for the smaller gifts from God and have forgotten or do not know about his biggest gift for us. So I invite ALL of you, EVERYONE to share this with those who don’t know or have forgotten about this biggest gift. Please go help your neighbor out!! We, the people that see firsthand, these blessings of the gospel should be more willing to share it so others can have it in their life for the first time or have it again in their life.  So I want all of you to think about whom you can visit THIS week, it takes 30 minutes to go visit someone you haven’t seen at church in a while and share a quick video and testimony with them. I love all of you!

Have a great week!
Elder Zack Walden

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