Monday, November 21, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

What’s up everybody-

This week has been awesome!! So I’m officially a dad now! (Meaning that he is training a new Elder) Woo hoo! We actually saw Elder Peñuñuri today and we took a generation picture because he was my trainer. It was awesome! So my kid is Elder Shumway. He’s from Texas, and yes Mom they’re good friends with the Kovach family, haha, small world right?! Anyways he is awesome! I’m so proud because every day he’s learning so much. He's having a hard time understanding the Chileans because they speak super-fast and don’t pronounce their words but that’s why I’m here---- to help him understand. Actually it’s sick because I’ve gotten my Chilean accent down, so in the morning we do like practices and I just speak straight Chilean the whole time so he gets used to the Spanish ha-ha its fun. But he’s already learned so much, we've actually taught a ton since he’s been here so he’s getting really good teaching experience and he does it great too! He’s been doing like half of the lessons. Whenever there’s a question I answer it because he doesn’t understand but during the lesson he speaks a lot with actually pretty good Spanish! I got a golden kid. We already work great together.
 Funny because yesterday both the people that were supposed to give talks at church didn’t come, and also the people that were supposed to give lessons didn’t show. So we as missionaries had to improvise all of it. It was a great first experience for my new companion and he dealt with it super well.
 Funny moments this week...there were a first of all here in Chile, people yell at their dogs and say "YA PUES SALE!" like super loud but the word sale is pronounced like sally. So we were doing a contact and the guy said that to his dog to get it to go away and my companion asks, "Oh so your dog’s name is Sally?! " Haha the guy was so confused. He learned really fast that the dog’s name wasn’t Sally ha-ha. Also here in Chile a lot of times when you do a street contact or something or talk to a woman they say bye with like a cheek kiss thing. And this girl went in to do one with him and he like freaked out and like did it and looked at me with a face like he had sinned. I laughed super hard, I was like dude it’s alright, that’s what gets done here in Chile. Also here in Chile, breast feeding in public or in front of people is normal, it’s just like a different culture and it’s just what they do here. So we were giving a missionary lesson to a woman and I look to him so that he could invite her to baptism and she just whips it out to start feeding her baby! Ha-ha He didn’t know what to do and just like looked back at me so scared. It was hilarious! But he’s learning the norms of Chile and what happens here. He’s catching on real fast. I try to warn him of things before it happens, but sometimes things just happen ha-ha. But yeah it’s been a fun week! He honestly works like super hard and we have found some amazing people this week, super amazing! We are definitely going to see a lot of success together, and I’m so excited! 
  By the way it has been warming up a lot lately. It is hot! But you know how I love weather like this. So yay for summer!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Love you all-
Elder Zack Walden

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