Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Feast---Not!

What's up everybody? Happy Thanksgiving! Looks like you guys had a rocking week. That’s awesome! Makes me happy:) We actually like forgot it was Thanksgiving until like the night of. We were planning for the next day and I was eating some bread with cheese, “typical snack", and we were like ”Oh dude it’s Thanksgiving!” ha-ha  Sick Thanksgiving feast! Kind of a sad Thanksgiving but it’s alright. We don’t even have time to celebrate it. We have way too much to legit we just leave right in the morning, don’t even have time to do the training stuff and we’re just running from lesson to lesson all day. We just get home every night and just crash ha-ha it’s great! I love it! 

Hugo and Isaac have another baptismal date and I’m super excited! He’s trying real hard to stop smoking. He’s going to try to completely break the habit by December 10th. It’s quite the goal but he has the faith to do it! They’ve made so much progress. It’s awesome! Actually just the other day we walked in and he asked us, "Hey what was that blessing thing you gave me to stop smoking?? Because it made me feel great and I really feel like it’s giving me the power to do it. My mom is dying and she wants one so she can stop too!" So we gave her one and she’s stopping now too! Yesterday he was supposed to try a complete day without smoking so we will see how it went today. They are awesome! I’ve really seen major changes in his family and it’s only uphill from here. I’m excited to see where they go. 

Anyways, today was awesome! All the gringos in the zone got together and we played some football, REAL AMERICAN FOOTBALL, in honor of Thanksgiving. And man it was fun! I realized how out of shape I am but it was really fun. Our zone is the best and all the Chilean kids watched us like the whole time because they didn’t know what sport we were playing. Then after playing we went and talked to them all and they were like, "You speak Spanish, too?!?!?!?!" They were like losing their minds ha-ha it was funny. Anyways, yeah today was legit and this week was legit too. I’m trying to think of what happened...Elder Shumway got bit by his first dog! Ha-ha didn’t even draw blood though so it’s chill. Oh funny story from the week---- so we found like this random powder in the house that smelt like chocolate so we were thinking that maybe its cake mix or brownie mix or something. So we decided to just put some oil, eggs and water in it and just cook it. So after we did all that and we went to try them, we found out that it was just protein powder ha-ha yeah and they were disgusting. Do not make protein powder brownies, they are not the best. Ha-ha!
Well I know a lot more happened but I have writers block so I hope everyone has a great week!

Elder Zack Walden

****Pictures with brand new little kittens

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