Monday, October 3, 2016

Conference was Amazing!

What’s up guys! Well this week was pretty interesting. We have cambios (transfers) this week coming up and I’m super excited and sad for them too. So not like too much happened this week so this letter might be a little shorter...but I’ll just tell the highlights. Well major highlight this week was conference for sure! It was legit! We gringos had a party because we all got to watch it together in English so that was a blast. I loved conference so much! The whole time I was just thinking "If you weren’t a member and watched this, you would know that the church is true!" They went hard this conference! It was awesome, I took so many notes on it and I will definitely start being a better missionary because of it. That’s for sure! I loved Uchtdorfs first talk. The Spirit was so strong. And then the one guy who talked about Joseph Smith and the power of the Book of Mormon. Amazing! The 2 main points I got out of conference was the importance of the Book of Mormon and repentance. I also liked President  Monson’s talk on the Word of Wisdom, he only spoke for like 3 minutes but it showed me that he literally had to choose 1 thing to talk about and he chose the Word of Wisdom.  It just screams how important this commandment actually is and how much he wanted to stress that. It was awesome! I loved conference! I invite anyone who didn’t watch it to DO IT!!! And write questions as you watch it and you will see as you follow the advice they give in the talks that the answers will be given to you. So please everyone watch conference!  You can watch it on’s my homework for all of you this week:)
**Note fromZack's Mom-----For those that may not know about the conference that Zack refers to in his letter......In our church we have a Semi-Annual General Conference where church leaders address the whole congregation of the church. It is held in Salt Lake City, Utah but it is broadcast to all the members across the world.:)

Also cool we were waiting in the chapel for conference to start and this family walked in and asked us "Hey is this like open?? Can we join whatever is going on here?" So of course we were like, “Uh yes!!” So we explained a little about what conference is and about the church a little and they just said they were walking and just felt the feeling they should enter this building, so they did! And we received them with open arms!! It was awesome because their one daughter who’s like 20 asked me in fluent English "Is this going to be translated in English or anything because I speak fluent English and would love to watch it in that language?” So we brought her to the gringo room haha it was awesome! She had a lot of questions but really enjoyed the entire experience!! I will not really get to see their progress though because sadly they are in a different ward but hey! There’s a miracle for you because this other ward has been having a hard time finding people and here’s a family that literally found them.

So I bet you’re all wondering what will happen for cambios…… I actually got my cambio last night!! Sadly I will be leaving this sector. I will be leaving Antillanca and I will be so sad to leave and say bye to everyone. I’ve had so many great experiences here and have watched lives change and will never forget that. But I am heading over to an island off the coast of Puerto Mont and Chiloe that’s called Calbuco. Literally it’s like a little tiny pueblito! The church hasn’t quite grown there yet and it’s still just a branch. So it should be a major difference. Literally the entire island and the island next to it are my sector ha-ha should be interesting. I’m going to be with another Mexican companion too so that should be fun! And I will be compañero mayor (Senior companion) there. So that means more responsibility.  Quite the change this cambio but I’m excited to take it on!!

Oh I also judged an American singing competition!  It was sick! Literally this lady saw our American flag hanging in our window so she knocked on our door asking if we were American and asked us if we could judge a singing contest at the school ha-ha it was so much fun! We judged it with this other member who lived in Honduras and randomly knows English. It was a good time!! it was fun just publically speaking English even though no one understood me ha-ha. It was a lot of fun!
Hope everyone has a great week!
Elder Walden

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