Monday, September 26, 2016

Keep Trucking on Everyone!

Hey what’s up everybody-

  It’s already week 6 of this cambio (exchange)...that’s crazy to me. That means this week we might find out the cambios and we will see if I’m leaving this area or staying. Crazy stuff!! This cambio FLEW BY!! It really feels like we just started it. The Mission President has been going around and interviewing every missionary in the mission. Saturday my companion and I got interviewed and it was really awesome. He’s a really great guy. He’s got some good ideas he wants to do with the mission. He told me and the le Sueur that "Big things are going to happen in this mission soon, I can really just feel it!" which is weird because President Obeso would say the same thing ha-ha. We will see what happens. It was weird doing the interview in English too not going to lie, it was a little hard to speak in straight English.  Literally half the time I speak killer Spanish and half the time just full Spanish ha-ha so it was impossible to go full English again. But yeah, he asked all of us missionaries this next fast Sunday to fast for all the missionaries in the mission and their health. We’ve had missionaries dropping out like flies due to health issues...eye infections, broken legs, ankles, falling down stairs and breaking their neck, and a girl that can’t walk and is in the hospital with no mobility in her legs and is like paralyzed now. I don’t know what’s happening but missionaries have been getting wrecked I invite all of you to join us in this fast if you guys want. It was cool because President Isom was telling me and the le Sueur that we are like one of his favorite companionships, he says we just look like we get along super well and are always just super happy all the time. This is true, we do get along great. He credits our recent success on that. It was good to hear.

Anyways, this week we did not have the most success in like getting lessons and the numbers and all that stuff but I would say we had a really successful week. We decided to focus a lot this week on the less actives in the ward and it was amazing just to see how happy they were to see us come over. It was great! A lot of them came to church for the first time in a long time. It was awesome!

So I always put like a miracles in the letter and this week we actually had another miracle! God is definitely working hard with us. So last Sunday the other missionaries left before church to go find one of their investigators. When they get back they come in with this random guy we had never seen before, so we started talking to him and he tells us that he was just out walking and the missionaries went and contacted him and found out he was already a member. He was baptized 4 years ago, but had left the church like 3 years ago so they told him to come to church and he decided to join them. So when talking to him we set a date to go by and visit him at his home. The next day we go and have a small lesson with him and he said that when he left the church he had gotten into some hard drugs and some really bad things. He actually got addicted to crack and had almost OD'd on pills like 5 times and had almost died. He said though that a couple nights ago he looked at his life and just saw how bad it was and how good it used to be, so the first time in years, he knelt down and just prayed and prayed hard for help, and the strength to turn himself around. That very next morning he was impressed to go out and just take a walk, which is when the other missionaries found him and contacted him and told him to go to church. He has such a strong testimony of prayer, and we just shared Ether 12 with him about faith and he was like crying of how happy he was to have our help back in his life. Now we are working with him every day to overcome his addiction. It will be a tough road but I know he can do if he just acts with faith. Just adds to my testimony so much more that God is really there to help us, he will always give us what we need. All we need is to take the first few steps and he will provide the way for us.

Also this weekend we had another baptism for a girl named Loreto and it was awesome! She was so ready and she has made huge changes in her life for the church and I’m so proud of all the progress she has made. I say she was our investigator because we found her, and the other missionaries were always busy so we always taught her and we arranged her baptism. It was awesome!! This sector is getting major blessings!! I just love the mission so much, it so great to see the differences the gospel makes in people’s lives. Oh and by the way, Pablo got the priesthood this last week and blessed the sacrament on Sunday. I was so happy for him!! I remember the first Sunday he ever came to church, and now he blesses the sacrament and also went and took it to someone after church that couldn’t come. It’s amazing to see all he has done too in his life for the gospel. I will always keep in contact with him. He calls me his Hijo Mayor which means older son.  Anyways keep trucking on everyone!!! Love you all!

Elder Zack Walden

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