Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Area!

FAMILY and FRIENDS!! What’s up? Sorry I’m writing late today, it’s like some type of Chilean holiday today so everywhere is closed. Chile has holidays like every 2 weeks and they close down like everywhere...it’s a real burden for us because also nobody leaves their houses to talk to us. Especially when you live on an island, it’s almost impossible to find cybers to write at. So anyways I’m in my new sector! IT IS HUGE!!!! Seriously it’s gigantic...Dad you said the island is the size of Simi, but get this Dad, that’s only HALF of the sector! When you cross the bridge and go to the mainland, all the houses over there are our sector too! We walk a lobo! That’s a fun ‘phrase they use here in Calbuco ha-ha because all the Chileans say "wooooooo" when they talk about something that’s a lot, which sounds like a wolf, and wolf means lobo ha-ha I find it super funny! But yeah so because it’s an island there are a ton of gigantic hills...like every street is it’s own hill...it’s weird. We leave the house in the morning and we are walking up hills all day and then when it’s time to go home we walk up a hill to go home. I don’t get it...like we only walk up hills, there is no such thing here as walking down hills...does not exist...which scientifically does not make sense...I know...but that’s how Calbuco works!

So anyways, we have a Branch President here but he’s from Puerto Montt which is 2 hours away, so he doesn’t come to this branch a lot. So this Sunday I had to preside in church and we pretty much just ran Sunday church service. We presided and directed and then taught Sunday School and then taught Priesthood. It was interesting. Only 12 people showed up, so there’s a lot of work to do here in Calbuco!! And I’m excited to do it!! It’s a big area so it should be easy to find people. We’ve had some really good lessons this last week and some really good news and stuff.

So the other area in our sector is mainly farmland.  I still haven’t gone over there yet but I bet it’s like the rest of Chile ha-ha just straight farms and cows and what not. We might go out there sometime this week to talk with everyone there. But it’s super pretty!! Like every road just looks like it drops of into the water and everyone just fishes here. That’s what everyone does for work!! It’s great here.
My new companion and I actually get along super well. He’s a super good kid. Super motivated to do the work. I’m excited to work with him. And he’s super good at soccer! So we went and played some soccer today and it was super fun! But yeah he’s awesome! And Elder Felipe is in this zone too so I get to see him a lot which is fun. 

Well I am going to try and attach some pictures of my new area. Thank you to everyone that writes me. I don’t always have time to reply but I do love hearing from you! Hope everyone has a great week-
Elder Walden

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